Peace in Baltimore

Baltimore has made a drastic change from the riots that broke out two weeks ago. After Baltimore city broke into a disaster after the death of Freddie Gray, peace did follow.

100 plus people were arrested after the riots on Tuesday, April 21. Most of them were convicted of crimes for destroying property or stealing. Fires were also present during this sad night.

One of the fires destroyed a retirement home built by a church.  This facility that was burned down would have produced so much good for the community.

After this nightmare night that took place in Baltimore, the community seemed to come together in the days following.  The whole world was watching Baltimore to see how much worse the situation would become. Instead of continuing the riots, the city came together for peace.

The clergies of Baltimore did a tremendous job of getting the message across to the rioters that peace is more effective. Their role in creating the peace of Baltimore was unquestionable. They held a powerful walk for peace, which contributed to help bring calm to the community.

The protesters did a good job in the days following making sure other protesters did not get violent. Even rival gangs came together to stop the protest from turning violent. This sense of community in Baltimore was very strong in these days post-Tuesday.

The police did an incredible job the day of the riot and after the riots. They managed to not react and not make any stupid mistakes to further the issues. They also did their part by stopping potential riots before they started in the following days.

Baltimore really came together after the terrible riot that happened. The peace after the riots strengthened the community in a time of despair. The sense of brotherhood came together and Baltimore could be seen as a city with hope once again.



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