Pacquiao-Mayweather Boxing Results

After months of anticipation, finally the results are in for the best boxer of this era. On Saturday, May 2, a boxing match featuring Floyd Mayweather vs. Manny Pacquiao showed Floyd Mayweather to be the better boxer.

Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao battled for twelve full rounds which resulted in a unanimous decision of Floyd Mayweather being the victor.  The decision could be due to the percentage of punches landed by each fighter (25 percent for Pacquiao, 45 percent for Mayweather).

Mayweather is not liked by many, but it is hard to dispute his talent.  He has proven himself time and time again which is displayed by his exceptional 48-0 record, with 26 of those decided by knockout (according to  This will not be his final fight as he expressed interest in competing in one more fight to solidify his name in boxing history.

Mayweather’s hope is to fight one more person who is an easier opponent.  After his one more fight, he will throw in the towel for his career.

Pacquiao believes he actually won the fight.  After the fight, Pacquio said, “I thought I won the fight,” according to He clearly felt a feeling of frustration after hearing that the judges had a unanimous decision that Mayweather won.

Pacquiao’s legacy was not diminished from this loss as he held his own through the entire fight.  Mayweather had the advantage over Pacquiao in terms of measurables. Mayweather has a larger body as well as longer arms.  Even with this, Pacquiao held strong during the fight round leaving the decision up to the judges at the end of twelve rounds.

Although the fight last twelve rounds, it was not an exciting twelve rounds.

Many of the fans were upset with the fight as neither of the boxers took an aggressive approach.  The fighting styles of each boxer could be compared to that of a chess match as each took a methodical approach.

Many of the fans were anticipating one fighter knocking out the other.  The fight yielded very disappointed reactions from the fans.

Despite fans not viewing the fight they expected, the fight accumulated a total that surpassed 400 million dollars. The ringside seats were full of stars including New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady.

Although the fight may not have been as exciting as many anticipated, it certainly solidified the best boxer of this era.

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