New Apple Watch

Apple released the Apple watch on April 24 and is priced $349 to $17,000. The watch is being sold in Apple stores around the nation and is being bought by customers across the country. The Apple Watch sold more on the pre-orders than the Android watch sold in all of 2014 due to the technology that allows people to use the watch to make the use of their phone easier.

Although the watch costs a lot of money, it will sell because people want to keep up with the newest technology. It allows for people to use their watch as an easier method than their phones, even though the phone and watch are necessary for the use of each other.

Another thing that makes the watch a seller is the fact that there are many different kinds of watches that people are able to buy. There is a sports model watch, a regular watch, and a special watch that customers are able to get.

The watch allows for people to check notifications right on their wrists that would normally go to their phone. People are able to use Siri off of the watch and can also use certain apps without an iPhone.

People are able to use Apple Pay, play music, and also tell time all without the use of a phone. This means that the watch will allow for people to use the device on their wrists to do the little things that they would normally do on their phone.

Another reason that the watch will sell is because people are able to change the Apple Watch bands on them.

Since the watches are selling so fast from the pre-orders, the Apple store requires that people have an appointment in order to see a demo on the Apple Watch.

Senior Gavin Callahan said of the watch, “I think they’re dumb and that they are going to break.” He also said that he thinks they will be a waste of money.

When Blair Brooks was asked what he thought about the new Apple Watch, he said, “I think that the watch will be efficient.”

Since the watch costs so much money, customers are expecting the watch to do a lot. It is a concern for the customers that the watch will break and that it will not meet expectations.

Fortunately for Apple, many customers are willing to put the concern aside and take the chance buying the watch.


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