Manny Pacquiao’s Journey to the Top

Manny Pacquioa is a driven boxer who has come a long way from where he started. According to The Wall Street Journal, Pacquiao grew up on Mindanao, one of the main islands of the Philippines. Pacquiao grew up in a poor and violent part of Mindanao.

As reported by The Wall Street Journal, Pacquioa is the son of Rosalio and Dionesia Pacquiao. Pacquio is now 36 years old.

From an early age, Pacquiao had to mature. Pacquiao stated in a documentary produced by he would give half of his earnings to his family to pay for school and food. His mother earned money by selling candies and sodas to the neighborhood.

The family made a decision to move to General Santos City where there was more opportunity for work. As stated by a documentary made by, there were many boxers that trained in General Santos City. Pacquiao gained a love for boxing after moving to General Santos City.

According to, Pacquiao left his family when he was just a teenager and went to Manila, Philippines. He did this in an attempt to become a professional boxer.

Pacquiao actually lived in the gym while in Manila. He had nowhere else to go. He was just a teenager, living in what was a big city to him, all alone, according to

Soon after arriving in Manila, Pacquiao was given the opportunity to fight as a professional. reported that Pacquiao had his big debut fight against Edmund Ignacio and won in just four rounds.

Pacquiao went on to have a bit of a winning streak which helped him to gain more attention by bigger prospects.

After having success in the Philippines, Pacquiao decided to move to the United States in an attempt to get with a trainer who could help him grow as a boxer. recorded that Pacquiao arrived in San Francisco, but none of the gyms wanted to take him. This was because nobody knew who he was.

As stated in The Wall Street Journal, Pacquiao was finally picked up by a gym in Los Angelas. The owner of the gym was a guy by the name of Freddie Roach. As stated by HBO’s website, Freddie Roach is a former boxer and current boxing coach for Manny Pacquiao.

Pacquiao finally got a break. This was the beginning to an amazing career that is still taking place today.

Pacquiao was also elected to be a part of the Philippine House of Representatives. He is a huge role model for kids in the Philippines, showing them it’s possible to do anything with hard work and dedication.

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