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Hulay Didlays: The Next Generation

All throughout the school of Boys’ Latin, students and faculty are known for names that aren’t their own. Nicknames, or Hulay Didlays, were created by the infamous Tom Brown, class of 2013. The origin of Hulay Didlays did not graduate with the class of 2013 as it is still very much alive today throughout the Boys’ Latin community.

Fellow Laker Jake Glatz, also known as “Hulay,” most resembles the man, the myth, the legend himself, Tom Brown. Tom Brown earned himself the nickname Hulay Didlay from his infamous “Kenilworth Dive.” In the Kenilworth Mall, Tom took matters into his own hands and took a dive into the water fountain.

Hulay Didlays originated from this silly event of plunging into the fountain in the middle of the mall with everybody in the mall watching, along with some security guards.

The dive was put on Facebook by a classmate of Tom Brown, Ben Pridemore ‘13. The post received close to 2,000 likes and was forever framed in history. As soon as they knew it, not only did the students know about the dive, faculty and administration learned of it as well. Some administration even commented on the video expressing their views on it.

Because the faculty and administration learned about the “Kenilworth Dive,” that is how Hulay Didlays became known not only by the students, but by the faculty as well.

Jake “Hulay” Glatz is not the only person in the school with a nickname. Other students in the school with nicknames include Dylan “Brotha D” Gaines, Gavin “Lennie” Howell, and Jack “Pezzicii” Pezzulla. Other less commonly known nicknames include Colton “Coltboy” Haugh, Josh “Stingray” Lurie, Michael “Cheeze” Morsberger, and Chas “Chazzle Dazzle” Collison.

“Brotha D” comes from sophomore year in Florida due to his laid back demeanor and relaxed attitude toward life. Everyday in the hallway, everybody can hear Devin “Butterbean” Shewell and Danny “D-Rob” Robinson yell “Bruh D” when Dylan walks by.

Gavin “Lennie” Howell gets his nickname from the book Of Mice and Men. One of the main characters in the book is named Lennie, who always seems to be hurting/damaging things. Gavin had the nickname stick because he is an enormous human being with no regard for his path of destruction.

Jack “Pezzicii” Pezzulla earned his nickname from his sick beats that he lays down on SoundCloud. Whenever he is not mining for gems or making sick beats, he can be found on the lacrosse field in the goal “popcorning” shots.

As for the faculty, there are a number of faculty members that have earned nicknames for events that have happened throughout the school year. For example, the varsity football team, including Devin Shewell, Luke Brown, and Gavin Howell, started the nickname “Albert Schellington the Third” for Coach Schell.

Mrs. Fenstermaker also earned the nickname “Fender Bender” from junior Logan Wisnauskas because her name was too hard to pronounce on the first day of school. The nickname seemed to have haunted her as she got in a car accident with another driver this year (it wasn’t her fault).

The last and final faculty member has a wide variety of nicknames. Mr. LaFreniere has nicknames ranging from “Mr. Laf”, “Laffles”, “Laffle Daffles”, and “Laffiltinos.”All these nicknames come from the origins of the Shewell words, or Shewellisms.

The wide variety of nicknames from both the students and the faculty show how close the school is and how much BL bonds over nicknames.

Picture: Tom Brown ’13

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