How to Succeed this Fishing Season

This year’s fishing season is predicted to be a good one. A long cold winter and a colder spring than usual is a good combination for a very active late spring spawn. In years past, when these conditions have occurred, the fishing seasons have been very productive.

If someone is fishing non-tidal freshwater for bass or bluegill, the best bet during the spawn will be to fish shallow water coves since the water temperatures will rise quicker.  To increase the chances of hooking a big pre-spawn fish, wait for the water temperatures to rise, wear natural colored clothing, and use the site fish tactic.

When site fishing, walk slowly along the banks of the water and look for fish swimming in shallow water looking to feed and make a place to make their spawning bed.  Try using a rubber crawdad or lizard, and try to fish slowly with the bait presentation.

If fishing tidal freshwater for trout, it will most likely fill the stringer if these simple steps are followed.  Start by wading upstream into the current; trout face upstream and will focus on food that is being carried downstream.  Pay attention to what bugs are hatching and flying in the area.

Use similar dry fly lures that match the bugs surrounding the water. Look for areas of running water that meet calm water. Cast the lure upstream of these areas and let the lure float with the current into these areas.

Be sure to wear natural colored clothing and walk quietly in the water.

Fish biologists believe this is due to fish being in their cold weather semi-hibernation mode for an extended period of time. According to fix.com,”When the temperatures begin to rise, a bass’s metabolism speeds up and it needs more food to survive.”

They believe as a result of the spawn that fish are extremely hungry and ready to lay their eggs. It then causes them to feed more aggressively.

Choosing the right bait and lures on the right day can be very effective during seasons like this. Fishermen from Maryland have purchased fishing licenses.  It has been a record number so far this year.

Use these simple and effective tactics to ensure that the season gets off to a good start; have more fishing stories about the fish caught and not about the ones that got away.

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