Earthquake in Nepal; Thousands Killed and Injured

On April 26, 2015, an earthquake with the magnitude of 7.8 hit Nepal. Nepal is located in the most south western part of China.

An article from written by Ivan Watson, Jethro Mullen, and Laura Smith-Spark,  stated some shocking facts. “More than 4,800 people died. More than 9,200 injured. Eight million affected across Nepal. One million children urgently in need of help.”

The United Nations offered Nepal help on recovering from this natural disaster. An article from stated how much money the UN will actually give Nepal. In Nepal, they will receive from the UN “$415 million to help provide emergency relief over the next three months.”

According to the CNN article, The National Emergency Coordination Center confirmed that “4,768 were killed in Nepal, 72 were killed in India, and 25 people were killed in China.”

This earthquake caused the destruction of over 70,000 houses throughout Nepal, India, and China.

The following information came from an NBCNEWS article about the Nepal Earthquake.

Not only is this earthquake a disaster in itself, but a day later, a landslide happened in an area north of Kathmandu, Nepal. This landslide not only destroyed houses but ended up taking people’s lives.

Despite all those deaths, an emotional event took place five days after this earthquake occurred.

A teenager not named was trapped under rubble from a building for five days. The teenager was saved by the USAID organization which stands for The United States Agency for International Development.

One of the USAID members stated his thoughts on rescuing the teenager: “The boy had not been crushed but rather had effectively been trapped in a concrete ‘box’ between floors of a collapsed building.”

“We never imagined this would happen to us.” Ishan, an elderly man sadly exclaimed to a reporter. Ishan’s house was rubble after this 7.8 earthquake, and he and his two sons were left with nothing.

Kisnor Raj Giri, another victim of this natural disaster, told a CNN reporter how everybody in Nepal is coping with this experience. “Many people are crying, sharing their hardships” Giri explained. Nepal’s military started to set up military grounds so people would have a place to sleep.

The weather after the earthquake did not help either. Thunderstorm after thunderstorm rolled in. For the people of Nepal, this was terrible.

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