Cyrus Jones: Domestic Violence Charges Dropped

Cyrus Jones is a cornerback at the University of Alabama that contributed greatly to the Crimson Tide defense last season.  He is a senior this year, and recorded three interceptions last season as well as being named to the All-SEC team. 

Cyrus Jones is very popular in the Baltimore area, specifically the MIAA, as he is a graduate of Gilman School.  Here at BL, Gilman is one of the biggest rivals.  Even though the team does not play against Gilman in football, because they are in the A conference, it is very cool to have a football player from the MIAA contribute meaningfully to the best college football program in recent memory.

Last wednesday, April 29, Jones was arrested on one charge of criminal mischief and one on harassment. two third degree domestic violence charges.  Jones took and damaged a girl’s phone he was with and threatened to assault her all in front of a witness.

After being held for 12 hours under the mandatory domestic violence hold, Jones was released.

Jones’ charges were recently dropped as he contacted the Tuscaloosa police department on Friday, April 31, to de-escalate the situation.

Coach Nick Saban, one of the most legendary Coaches in college history, chimed in on his player saying he would still gather information before making any decisions.  He spoke on his program saying, “We don’t ever condone any behavior that shows any kind of disrespect. There was no physical contact in this situation. Once we get the facts, we will take the necessary steps to correct this behavior in the future.”

It seems Cyrus Jones got out of this one, but he is the fourth Alabama player to be arrested this spring.  Jones is a defensive star, and will still do great in his senior season.  The MIAA boy looks to lead the SEC again and will be in talks of top draft picks next season. 



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