Bullying is a Disease

Bullying is defined as repetitive aggressive physical or verbal abuse from another child or a group of children. As a young kid, it’s very important to feel accepted. Being left out of a group while young can have detrimental damage.

As a young person, there might be things the mind won’t be able to understand. If a child is bullied while in the younger stages of life, he is more likely to be depressed as an adult. The feeling of being lonely seems to never go away.

There was a previous study on the effects of being bullied. It was data that included more than 5,000 adults and children back in the 90s. According to “Why Its Worse to Be Bullied by Kids than Abused by Adults” on yahoo.com, a study showed being bullied or harassed is a pretty traumatic experience.

The study also stated that children who were bullied when young are more likely to have anxiety. It also said they are twice as likely to be depressed and have suicidal thoughts.

Bullying can affect the way a person may think. It could make the self-esteem levels drop and possibly never rise. It could also change the thought process of the individual, other people, and the world in general.

A nine-year-old boy named Kaiden Shupe was found dead in his room from committing suicide. It is said that Shupe is one of the youngest children in the UK to commit suicide. The final effect of being bullied is suicide.

Shupe was first bullied in 2013 when another student shoved him in the hallway. His mother Ashley Shupe wrote a letter to the school about the incident.

A month later, Kaiden was being bullied for a second time. His mom proceeded to write a second letter to the school.
Ashley Shupe noticed Kaiden was isolating himself and fell into depression.

As a result of this, she asked if her son and the bully not be in contact with each other. The school didn’t think it was a great idea, so they ignored the request.

Ashley Shupe then filed a lawsuit against Oakmont Elementary School. The charges are negligence and deliberate indifference.

Bullying is a serious problem that’s going on in the world. Bullying a young child can have serious effects. Stop the bullying around the world to save young lives.

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