BL Spotlight

BL Students and Their Dogs

Boys’ Latin students mostly care about three main things: academics, athletics, and dogs.  Dogs are a man’s best friend, and they constantly show love and affection to their owners.

Many students at BL have pets, but the most popular pet around is a dog.  Some students have multiple dogs that they must take care of.  Taking care of a dog is not easy, but it is so worth every minute!

Senior Luke Brown had some interesting things to say about his dog, Stella.

“Having a dog is one of the best feelings in the world.  You always have someone that you can sleep with and keep you warm at night.  The thing that I like about my dog the most is that she actually listens and can do tricks.  She can sit and lay down on command.”

Senior Matthew Sacks also had some opinions about having a dog.

“I love being able to come home to a dog that is the first one to greet me as I walk in my house.  I have two dogs named Buster and Charlie.  Buster is pretty old, but I still love him and care for him.

Charlie is the most energetic dog ever.  He is always happy and running around.  Sometimes, he gets so excited that he pees on the floor which is both hilarious and annoying since I am always the one cleaning it up.

I think having a dog is a great experience because you have a chance to care for someone else other than yourself.”

When Tyler Steinberg was asked about his dog, he responded, “I have a dog named Bandit.  He is a golden retreiver/gordon setter mix.  He is very energetic, medium-sized, and very friendly.  He enjoys being outside, and he loves to be played with.  He always seeks attention with literally everyone.

I love my dog so much because he is a great companion, and he is a good friend who always listens (even though he can’t respond).”

I have the joy of having a toy Maltese named Snowy.  She is the most energetic dog ever, and she is almost never tired.  She loves to be pet, and she eats a lot of food.  I can honestly call her my best friend because she is always there.  She senses anger or sadness, and she always checks up on me in my room when I have the door closed.

I love my dog, and I wouldn’t trade her for the world.