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Middle Names Reveal Students’ and Teachers’ Past

The Boys’ Latin School has many interesting people with many interesting stories. Little do people know that some of these stories can be accessed by just looking at a person’s full name.

Middle names are the key to accessing a database of information about a person that is not likely to come up just by conversation. They provide a historical breakdown of a person’s lineage.

Alex Franks’ (‘16) middle name is Cyrus Creech. Creech is Alex’s dad’s middle name and Cyrus is an Iranian name given to him by his mom, who was born in Iran. Alex says that he appreciates his middle name because it is “distinct and differentiates me from anybody else in my class.”

Gavin Callahan’s (‘15) middle name is Augur. This is a name passed down on his father’s side for generations, dating all the way back to the early 1800s. Callahan says that his middle name is “sick and very unique.”

Will Page (‘16) has a very interesting story when it comes to middle names. When Will was born, he was given the middle name Elliot Bircher. This is strictly because his father wanted him to have the initials W.E.B. Page. Very interesting, Mr. Page.

Mr. Brent Hilpert, 10th grade dean and science teacher, has the middle name Oslund. It is the maiden name of his mother and is of Danish and Swedish descent. Also, it is not to be confused with the fictional “Chronicles of Narnia” character Aslan, even though they have similar traits.

The Malinowski family has an interesting story behind their middle names as well. Nick (‘16) has the middle name of Gregory, after his great uncle, and Nate (‘16) has the middle name of Max, after his grandfather. The twins’ father, Mr. Bruce Malinowski, has no middle name; this is because by the time all of his five siblings were born, his parents had no names left for him.

The legend himself, Mr. Charles Franklin, has the manly middle name of McCalla, a name passed down on his mother’s side. When asked about his middle name, Mr. Franklin couldn’t utter it aloud and had to write it down on a post-it note.

Mrs. Badmington, college counselor here on Lake Ave, has the middle Carpenter; she hated it growing up. When asked about the name, Mrs. Badmington said, “I was always made fun of for having such a masculine middle name. Whenever teachers would call out my full name for attendance, all of my friends would tease me and it would always hurt my feelings.”

Just by looking deeper into somebody’s name, a world can be discovered that was previously unknown.

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