The King of Blues Dies

Riley B. King, or BB King, died on May 14, 2015. King suffered from Type Two diabetes. He also was reported by CNN to have been in home hospice care after suffering dehydration.

A combination of these two things led to King’s death. recorded that King grew up in Itta Bena, Mississippi. He was enlisted in the army during World War II but decided not to go because of his key role in driving the tractor back home.

King left his hometown in Itta Bena and made his way to Memphis, Tennessee to try to launch a career in music. An article by CNN stated that King stayed with a relative of his who had his own career with playing the blues. This relative taught King techniques on how to play the blues.

After playing on the radio for Sonny Boy Williamson’s show, King gained a 10-minute spot when he would play his blues styled songs. According to CNN’s article, King also played consistently for a grill called the Sixteenth Avenue Grill. This was a time when King began to catch the eyes of people all around.

King gained his nickname BB King after being a disc jockey in Memphis for a local radio station.  According to, people started calling him “The Belle Street Blues Boy,” which eventually shortened to BB King.

In an article by, it stated that in 1949, King made his first recording. Over the next 12 years, King began touring. He would play in 300 concerts a year.

King certainly lived up to his nickname King of the Blues. According to, King received 30 Grammy nominations, winning 15 of them.

The Washington Post stated that King had 15 children. This left a huge legal mess after he passed away. One of King’s children is Shirley King who has made a singing career of her own.

BB King’s final years were tough. An article by CNN stated that in April of 2014, King’s performance in St. Louis was “a performance that did not match Mr. King’s usual standard for excellence.” He later had to apologize publicly for his poor performance.

CNN also mentioned that in a performance in October of 2014, King fell onstage during a performance.

Coach Haugh’s Retirement Bittersweet

The legend of Drew Haugh started over 40 years ago when he first stepped foot on Lake Ave.

From his first day here at BL, he has been a Laker and always will be a true Laker.

Many have heard legendary tales of this mysterious figure, like stories about his wacky tattoos in a place one would not expect.

One could find the man around school, with his face buried in a book, while wearing his famous women’s floral design glasses. Or one could just know he’s on campus with just one glimpse of his big, black sticker-covered truck.

Drew Haugh, also known as Coach Haugh, has coached almost every sport here on campus. He has coached football, lacrosse, wrestling, and volleyball. That’s not his only job at BL; he is also the lower school gym teacher.

Coach Haugh is known for his zany traditions and attitude.

Noah Snyder’s favorite memory of Coach Haugh was “when he ran around the halls dressed as a monster every Halloween” and “tried to trick me into hunting for said monster.”

One of the famous traditions is the team clothes that Coach Haugh makes. One will never know what they’ll get when Coach Haugh is in charge of designing clothes.  The clothes have ranged from pink championship jackets to Hawaiian volleyball shirts.

Another thing that Coach Haugh will be remembered for is the wild pre game speeches. The speeches have always been quite random and quirky. One moment Coach Haugh will be quoting Gandhi, and the next he will be in a doctor costume handing out gummy feet from Candy Kitchen.

Another reason Coach Haugh will be remembered is the odd tattoos on his rear end. He promises a tattoo to his teams if they win a championship. Some of the tattoos include a football, a lacrosse stick, a face, and there are still more to come due to the 2013 JV lacrosse championship.

Every year, an idea will come to Coach Haugh, and every year, that will be the team’s mascot. With the mascot chosen, the team would buy team hats. Coach Haugh was big into superstitions; if everybody did not wear their hat to the game, he believed it was bad luck.

The stories heard about Coach Haugh are electrifying to say the least. The man has been struck by lightning twice and has lived to tell the tale.

During the summers, Coach Haugh essentially becomes a beach-bum.  He lives down in Ocean City, doing his side job of renting out umbrellas and beach chairs. Almost every day, one can find him down on First Street reading a book and renting out chairs.

Coach Haugh’s life has revolved around BL for over 40 years and has recently announced his retirement. The man has created an unforgettable legacy and will be missed whether it be in the classroom or on the field.

Everett Golson Transfers out of Notre Dame for FSU

Everett Demone Golson is a redshirt senior quarterback at the University of Notre Dame. Golson graduated from Notre Dame in the spring of May 2015 where he received his college degree. Due to his redshirting in sophomore year, Golson has another year of eligibility (5th year) where he can play in the fall immediately at Notre Dame (

The question for Golson is whether or not he will play his final year at Notre Dame. In May of 2013, Golson got released from the university due to an academic issue, and later he admitted to cheating on a test. Everett Golson was reinstated to the university on December 13, 2013, but he was unable to practice with the team or travel with them to their bowl game (Pinstripe Bowl).

When Golson came back to the team, he experienced much success. He led the team to a 6-0 start with wins over Rice (49-17), Michigan (31-0), Purdue (30-14), and Syracuse (31-15). Golson also helped his team to become the number five team in the country at the time (

Some highlights of Golson’s junior year include opening the year against Rice on August 30 by throwing for 295 yards (14-22 passing attempts) and two touchdowns. The next weekend, he went 23-34 for 226 yards and three touchdowns against the Michigan Wolverines. On September 13, Golson threw for 259 yards and two touchdowns while leading the team in rushing yards with 56 yards against Purdue at Purdue  (

Another notable game includes Golson shining against Syracuse on September 27. At MetLife Stadium in New York, Golson set a Notre Dame school record by completing 25 consecutive passes, one shy of tying the NCAA record. He threw for 362 yards and four touchdowns off 32-39 passes against the Orange (

As the fall was coming to a close and it was getting time to get ready for their bowl game, the Irish had fallen off the map in November with a record of 1-4. Head Coach Brian Kelly made it clear that freshman Malik Zaire would start the game and remain in the game until told otherwise. Notre Dame was a 10-point underdog against LSU, but that didn’t matter for Zaire because he won them the game single handedly.

After the game, Coach Kelly stated, “He was terrific”( Kelly also made it clear that Zaire would be their number one quarterback going into the offseason. Golson did not like this decision; therefore, he decided to declare his transfer from the school for his 5th year.

Since his declared transfer, Golson has made a list of schools he would like to go to like Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, Texas, LSU, UCLA, Alabama, Houston, and Florida State. Golson made visits to Florida, Georgia, and Florida State. Golson was scheduled to make his commitment Friday the 22nd of May but postponed it due to his wanting to visit more schools and reassure himself that he is making the right choice.

At this point, Golson is expected to commit to Florida State. He has made it clear that FSU is his number one choice because of the early leave of Heisman quarterback and first overall pick in the 2015 NFL Draft Jameis Winston. It would be a perfect fit for Golson because the Seminoles need a quarterback for the upcoming season due to this departure.

One of the only reasons why he wouldn’t end up at Florida State is because it would take him a long time to develop chemistry with not only his teammates but his offensive players especially. He does not have a lot of time to gel with his team because he only has one year left of eligibility.

UPDATE: Everett Golson has decided to transfer to Florida State University for his final year of eligibility.


Senior Farewell Proves to be Emotional Event

On Friday, May 15th, the annual Senior Farewell took place. The Senior Farewell is a time for Seniors to say good-bye to the Boys’ Latin community. Boys’ Latin is not just a school to many, but it is a family as well.

The Senior Farewell is a moment of mixed emotions. The fact that this school is so close with each other causes the farewell to be a sad event. Members of the community can be seen tearing up as they wish their students or friends good-bye.

It is not all sad though. This day also brings joy to the members of Boys’ Latin as they congratulate the seniors on making it through this chapter in their lives. It is an impressive accomplishment, and it is one that should be celebrated.

The event begins with the seniors all sitting in the front of the Gelston Athletic Center (the gym), and one by one they go in front of the crowd, consisting of parents, teachers, and faculty, announcing what their senior internships will be and what college they will be attending.


Senior Patrick Spencer announces his internship and college.

Once all the seniors have spoken, the entire upper school lines the gym walls. The first people to line up are the teachers.  The teachers are followed by the freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and finally parents.

The seniors then walk through this line and say their goodbyes to the students, the faculty members, and the parents. This time is hard for the seniors as well as other Boys’ Latin members.  According to junior Matthew Lugat, “It was very emotional, because I developed a strong relationships with the seniors.”


seniors students

Senior Phillip Springer says goodbye to fellow student Gideon Endalkachew.

The majority of the seniors cry as they walk through the gym realizing this is their final day on Lake Avenue as a student. This can be a difficult reality for many people as this school is loved by so many. Upper school librarian Claire Ricci said, “It’s cool because the seniors you don’t expect to cry, do cry.”

The walk through consists of extremely sad music, which causes for feelings to be even stronger.

Not only do the seniors show emotions, but many of the faculty and students express emotion as well. The faculty and juniors are the most likely to show emotion.

They are sad as this is a goodbye to their brothers. This is the final time they will be students alongside them. This reality is hard for many to come to terms with.


Brothers Michael Shortt and Joey Shortt share an emotional moment during the farewell.

The Senior Farewell is one of the greatest events Boys’ Latin annually holds. This event truly encompasses the meaning of being a Laker.  This school can surely be described as a brotherhood.

Jim Haluck: BL Legend

Throughout the halls of 822 West Lake, on the bottom floor, a man with white hair and a mustache teaches different kinds of Chemistry as well as Forensics.

His name is Jim Haluck, and for those that haven’t had the privilege of having him as a teacher, he is one of the most interesting men one can come to know.  He has been teaching for a total of 42 years with experience in multiple schools.  Mr. Haluck spent plenty of years teaching at South River High School in Anne Arundel county before coming to Boys’ Latin in 2006.

Jim Haluck entered Boys’ Latin in 2006 and will be retiring after this school year.  Mr. Haluck has taught just about every science class at BL.  But, he has spent most of his years teaching levels of Chemistry ranging from regular to honors and AP courses.

While it was not in session this year, Mr. Haluck has taught a division of Honors Forensics that focused on science at a crime scene.

Mr. Haluck truly is one of the most interesting men, and anyone could walk into his room without previously knowing him and could have a conversation for hours on end.

Jim Haluck is also a huge car guy.  He owns a fair amount of nice cars ranging from the black Jeep Wrangler he drives to school every day to his Audi Spider and multiple luxury cars.

Mr. Haluck’s favorite place to go on vacation is Panama City, Florida.  He has a house there, and his family lives there as well.  He spends a lot of time down there and will live there after he retires this year.

When asked about his most interesting past job, Mr. Haluck said, “I worked as a Pilot Band for chemistry.”  He said it was dirty, and there was an outstanding amount of exposure to chemicals of different colors combined with spider webs.

Mr. Haluck said his favorite BL memory is the Senior Farewells every year. “I think those are pretty special, and public schools should start celebrating it, too.”

Mr. Haluck isn’t exactly sure what he is going to do yet, but he hopes to volunteer at the zoo in Panama City and rescue Great Danes. He chimed in about rumors of him becoming a dolphin trainer: “It may happen.  I am looking forward to helping with them at the zoo.” 

Jim Haluck truly exemplifies the school motto of “Esse Quam Videri” and has left an everlasting impact on the science department at BL. It was an honor to have him as a teacher and he is one of the most interesting men I’ve ever had the chance in knowing.  The BL community laments his departure from Lake Ave and wishes him luck in his future in Panama City. 

My Annual Drive to Ocean City

Every year on the last day of school, I journey down to Ocean City, MD. Living in Ocean City for the summer is a blast, but the drive to the beach is what really starts my summer. My three-hour car ride consists of different sights and sounds which I see every year.

Music is one part of the adventure to OC that really gets me excited for the summer time. Bands such as Slightly Stoopid, Rebelution, Ballyhoo!, and Dirty Heads can be heard the entire car ride. All these bands have great melodies and vibes, which tell me that summer is finally here.

My drive to Ocean City is the same every time which I think makes it special. When driving to OC, I pass by different things which I see each year, and they inform me how far away I am from Ocean City.

My favorite part of the drive, and something that everyone knows about is the Chesapeake Bay Bridge.

Screen Shot 2015-05-25 at 4.45.04 PM






This 4.3-mile long bridge informs me that I am officially en route to my second home. The Bay Bridge is my one hour mark. After I cross the bridge, I realize that I am a third of the way to OC.

After driving to Ocean City for so many years, some little family traditions start to form. Once I get over the bridge, the next stop is Chipotle in Easton.

Screen Shot 2015-05-25 at 4.45.28 PM

This Chipotle is just about 40 minutes away from the Bay Bridge, and it has become an annual stop for me and my brother. While we go to Chipotle, my parents enjoy the neighboring Panera, and then we all meet back at the car and continue our journey.

After Chipotle, I am now more than halfway to my final destination. Once I get through Easton, I can finally start to see and smell all the farmland. All the way through Cambridge and eventually to Salisbury, there is nothing but farmland.

Once I hit Salisbury, then I really know I’m getting close to Ocean City. A shy 30 minutes away from OC, Salisbury is one of the last towns I go through.

The final step on the trip to Ocean City is the Route 90 bridge.

Screen Shot 2015-05-25 at 8.33.49 PM

This is the bridge that leads right into Ocean City on 62nd street. Once I see the OC skyline, I finally know I made it to my second home.

Shootout at Twin Peaks Restaurant in Waco, Texas Leaves 9 Dead

On Sunday morning, May 17, 2015, gunfire erupted in the parking lot of Waco’s Twin Peaks restaurant, leaving nine people dead and many more injured.

At least five rival biker gangs arrived in Waco, Texas for reasons unknown and had a meal at Twin Peaks restaurant. Officers realized that conflicts would arise upon noticing the gangs in town and propositioned officers by the restaurant. According to Sergeant W. Patrick Swanton, “’There were at least three rival gang groups here this morning for whatever reason. As they were here, we had officers on scene. We expected issues’” (

As predicted, a fight broke out that spilled into the parking lot.

With over thirty bikers, the fight quickly escalated from fists to knives and quickly to guns. The bikers were shooting each other and also shooting at officers. The officers returned fire into the slew of barbaric bikers going to war.

The police were able to contain the situation and eventually the fighting ceased, leaving 18 bikers severely injured and nine bikers dead. No civilians or officers were injured, incredibly; however, severe damage was done to the restaurant and surrounding cars in the parking lot. Swanton said, “‘In my nearly 35 years of law enforcement experience, this is the most violent and gruesome scene that I have dealt with'” (

Over 100 weapons were recovered from the scene, and officers arrested all bikers involved and will continue to arrest all bikers that come into the area with weapons.

Swanton also expressed anger at the Twin Peaks restaurant and believes with proper management the situation could have been avoided. Swanton said, “‘Are we frustrated? Sure. Because we feel like there may have been more that could have been done by a business to prevent this'” (

Twin Peaks responded with a statement that said they would review the circumstances and take appropriate action with the Waco franchise. The statement said, “‘We are thankful no employees, guests or police were injured in this senseless violence outside the restaurant, and our sympathies are with the families of those killed'” (

Biker gangs around the area are predicted to be angry at police and have been fair warned to stay away from the area; however, officers remain prepared for bikers thinking about returning to the scene.