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Sideline Cellies Win Games

For many in sports, glory comes on the field and in the live action of the game. However, there are a select few who find this glory on the sidelines.

The bench players on the lacrosse team have found out how they can contribute to the team without even getting on the field. In a close game after a goal is scored, the players who don’t get any playing time get together to partake in wacky celebrations.

These celebrations started off small with little things like somebody pretending to struggle doing squats or the bench press. The intricacy of the merrymaking has progressed throughout the season.

The sideline camaraderie did not start here on Lake Ave; it started on the sidelines at West Point. The players at Army who didn’t see the field as much decided to add themselves to the game by celebrating.

Senior Luke Brown decided during the close game against number two ranked McDonough to bring that type of celebration to the Laker sideline. The first performance made by Brown was him pretending to squat and struggling to finish the rep. When he finished his squat, the sideline went ballistic.

There was a second revelry performed by Brown that game, and it was him pretending to struggle doing a final rep. Once again, the rest of the sideline went haywire.

The celebration proved to work since the Lakers pulled through with the upset victory over McDonough.

The celebrations work so well because it gets everybody included into the game without having everybody actually get in and on the field. These even get the crowd and student section into the game.

The celebrations create this boost of confidence, morale, adrenaline, and sense of being on top. With these factors on one’s side, it’s almost impossible to lose a game.

The opposing team has its spirit slashed when seeing the celebrations. Who wants to see a contending opponent celebrate, rubbing in the goal further?

To the sideline’s surprise, all of the coaches including Coach Shriver approved of the celebrations and gave consent to keep doing them. Coach Sharf, of all coaches, liked the celebrations the most; he believes that it brings everybody into the game. The celebrations are what really bring the team together.

Junior star manager Charlie Iklé happened to catch a Luke Brown celebration on camera. Charlie later posted it on the popular social media site vine. To date, it has over 149,000 views on the site.

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