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Say No to Weed

Marijuana is a detriment to the health of the human body and mind. The negative impacts that smoking marijuana have on our bodies is profound.

Marijuana is the most commonly used illicit drug in the United States. Marijuana affects users immediately after smoking it, and the effects last for several hours. Many side effects include delusions, hallucinations, impaired memory, and disorientation.

The legalization of marijuana would greatly increase drug abuse in our society, thus leading to a multitude of health problems and irreversible societal issues. Similarities have been discovered between marijuana users and mental health patients including depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts, and personality disturbances.

This inactivity essentially leads to problems with memory and learning. Marijuana use can also cause fear, distrust, or paranoia. A recent Northwestern University study found that marijuana users have abnormal brain structure and poor memory.

Marijuana users who begin in their teens risk permanently damaging their brains and ability to retain information. The study also found that chronic marijuana abuse may lead to schizophrenia.

Many people argue that marijuana is harmless because it is considered a soft drug, unlike heroin and cocaine, which are characterized as hard drugs. At face value, it may appear that way, but this claim is completely false. Marijuana is one of the most popular and abused gateway drugs in today’s society.

According to another study done by the Foundation for a Drug Free World, the vast majority of cocaine users (99.9%) began by first using a “gateway drug” such as marijuana. One study found that youth who use marijuana are 85 times more likely to use cocaine than kids who do not smoke pot.

Pot smokers are often portrayed as fun loving, carefree individuals who enjoy kicking back and munching on Cheetos, but that is simply unacceptable. Marijuana has the potential to ruin people’s lives. It diminishes the ability to think clearly and retain information, and it also leaves permanently damaging effects on the human body.

So ask yourself, is the legalization of marijuana good for our country? Is it good for us as individuals? Is it good for our children and the future generations of America?

Do you want to encourage your children that smoking marijuana is okay? I’m sure most families would say no.

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