More Money, More Protection

“All of the hours in the lab helped us identify the designs and product features that best met our goals” stated Thad Ide, Senior Vice President of Product Development and Engineering for Riddell in regard to Riddell’s opinion on their new technology of football helmets.

Riddell’s most recent football helmet released was the Speedflex. Before the Speedflex was the Revolution 360.

“At Riddell, our designers are a lot like artists. Our product is never perfect and we’re constantly refining it,” stated on of the company’s designers on Riddell’s official website.

The Revolution 360 was designed to be more comfortable, fit, and stable. The Revolution 360 has to compete with other leading Riddell products such as the Revolution Speed while also taking into consideration the price difference of the Speed and the 360 which is over $100.

The price of the Revolution Speed is just around $300. On the other hand, the Revolution 360 is around $425. Having the chance to prevent more concussions and for the helmet to be more comfortable, people have to pay for it in the long run.

Melissa Healy, a writer for the Los Angeles Times, wrote an article about the new technology of football helmets and how neurologists are going about the problem with concussions throughout football.

“‘All of them were terrible,’ Dr. Francis X. Conidi explained his opinion on the technology of the football helmets. Conidi is a Florida neurologist who is vice chair of the American Academy of Neurology’s sports neurology. ‘Coaches should be teaching football players tackling techniques that limit concussion risk.'”

Dr. Francis X Conidi looks for specific factors on football helmets to protect players of the game. Neurologists all around the world are trying to limit skull fractures, brain contusions, also concussions.

An article from from the NFL has some recorded stats on concussions that were within the league from 2014 and the previous year. “According to STATS, there were 265 players placed on injured reserve during the regular season in 2014, a 17 percent jump from the 226 the year before.” Surprisingly, the number of concussions increased.

One of the biggest reasons why the Revolution 360 is reliable is because of “The components, the shell, the liner system, and the list goes on and on—all of which stem from the vision and careful engineering that went into this helmet.”

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