Milwaukee Car Accident Leads to Collateral Deaths of Three People

On Sunday, April 12, 2015, a two-year-old boy in Milwaukee was killed in an accident, an accident that led to the collateral deaths of three other people.

The two-year-old, Damani Terry, was attending a family birthday party when for reasons unknown, he ran into the street where he was struck by a GMC van. The driver of the van immediately got out and tried to attend to Terry; however, he was killed upon impact.

The family heard the noise and came running outside. Terry’s fifteen-year-old older brother, Rasheed, came running out as well; however, he and the driver of the van were both shot and killed.

The police identified the shooter as Ricky Ricardo Chiles III, the uncle of both Damani and older brother Rasheed. Chiles was located by police in a Chicago hotel late Wednesday night. However, Chiles took his own life in the hotel room before authorities could seize him.

The family stated that they believe Ricky Chiles was aiming for Brown, the driver of the van; however, a poorly aimed shot struck Rasheed.

The accident was nothing but that, an accident. Young Damani Terry ran into the road, and Brown could not react fast enough to avoid him. Brown also immediately got out and tried to help save the two-year-old.

Family friend Stephanie Townsend said, “’I heard he [Rasheed] was trying to pick his brother [Damani] up. He was trying to hold him and save him’” (

Chiles did not take the time to see what happened exactly; he immediately tried to kill the man who accidentally struck his nephew, and in doing so, he ended up killing his other nephew, leaving the family even more broken. Lena Tidwell, the grandmother of the two boys and mother of Chiles, said, “’Sunday was the worst day I ever lived in my whole entire life. It’s a day that I wished had never, never came'” (

According to Flynn, an officer, “‘What did we have Sunday?’ Flynn asked. ‘We had some clown take the law into his own hands and murder a guy who was doing what we expect good citizens to do, and oops, accidentally kill somebody else'” (

What should have been the unfortunate tragedy, an accidental death, of a two-year-old turned into a horrible avoidable tragedy that ultimately created three more deaths.

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