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Looking for a Summer Job?

When summer comes and school is out, a job is a very smart decision. It allows teens to be able to earn money and gain some level of independence. There are many options teens can consider when looking for a job that suits almost everyone.

The best jobs that a teen could get are as a server, busboy, or barback for people over 18. The reason is because these positions are paid by tips which will most likely amount to more than the salary ones.

The food industry is a fantastic option for more social teens. This job has a variety of positions. The average income is $9-$10 hourly, but most make the majority of money off tips.

Retail is another great option for people into clothes or certain products. There are multiple positions usually involving working the cash register or stocking the shelves. The typical income for these workers is $11-$12 hourly.

Retail is great for someone also looking to be inside. In the heat of summer, a good air conditioned job can be priceless.  However, there is not much room for promotion with most retail jobs.

Another great option for swimmers or teens who want to be outdoors is a lifeguard. This job will take more time in preparation because training is needed. Lifeguards can expect to make around $9-$10.

A golf caddy is a great job for people interested in golf. Caddies can expect to make around $50-$100 for four hours of work. Most of the time, caddies will also receive tips from the golfers.

Internships are a great option for people looking to find experience. It is great for a person interested in a certain field to get a head start. The downside is that they usually are unpaid, but the experience could be worth more than any job.

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