Adrian Peterson is Back

Adrian Peterson has finally been let back into the NFL. According to the NFL’s website, Peterson was suspended in November of 2014 after allegedly hitting his 4-year-old son.

Peterson has not played in an NFL game since week one of the 2014 football season. Judging from Peterson’s comeback in 2011, when he tore his ACL, he should have no problem with having a great upcoming season.

There is one problem facing Peterson. He doesn’t have a team to play for.

It is very hard for someone in Peterson’s situation to find a team that wants him. Sure, Peterson is one of the best running backs that has possibly ever played football, but he hasn’t played in over a year. Also, teams in the NFL want guys that don’t bring bad media to the team.

According to ESPN’s website, Peterson has been in the NFL since 2007. He has played for the Minnesota Vikings his whole career.

Peterson has proved to be an amazing football player. He had his best NFL season in 2012 after an ACL injury that previous year. As reported by, he won NFL Offensive Player of the Year, NFL Most Valuable Player, and placed second for the NFL Comeback Player of the Year.

As stated by USA today, in the regular season of that year, Peterson rushed for 2,097 yards. That was just eight yards shy of the all-time record set by Eric Dickerson in 1984.

The 2012 season was an amazing season for Peterson. Not only did Peterson almost break an NFL record, but he also came off of an ACL injury that happened less than a year before. Most people thought Peterson would never be able to get back to his normal self.

Moving forward to the 2013 season, Peterson did not do as well as he had in the previous years.

In October of 2013, Peterson’s 2-year-old son tragically passed away. According to the New York Daily News, Peterson’s son was beaten by the boyfriend of the mother. This obviously had a huge impact on Peterson and could have affected his playing.

As stated by Fox News, almost a year later, Peterson was charged for hitting his 4-year-old son. This act broke the NFL’s personal conduct policy. This was a shame because he had done so well in his previous years.

This goes to show that one mistake can truly change one’s life.

Peterson has always been a person that people like and really hadn’t gained a bad reputation until this happened. Peterson also hasn’t shown a lot of remorse, which has angered people and made them question his morals.

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