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BL Badminton Has Stellar Season

It’s spring time at Boys’ Latin, which means sports are at the forefront of discussions around the school. The baseball team is sitting at number 12 in the state while the lacrosse team is 7th in the nation. Even tennis is turning heads, with a strong showing from upperclassmen.

But there’s one sport that doesn’t often get the recognition it deserves, and that is the BL club badminton team. While the squad is not nationally ranked and has come up with three wins in ten matches, all against girls’ schools, Boys’ Latin has another team to be proud of.

Senior Conner Ward, the captain and emotional dynamo of the team, had this to say about the team’s exploits this year:

“The team really left it all on the court this year. We came away with a few nice wins, and the spirit was strong throughout the season.”

Ward, a champion of all racket sports, was often paired with senior Casey McNulty. He can be identified on the court by his sleeveless denim shirt and fearless, giraffe-like tenacity to scramble to the birdie, no matter the cost.

Seniors Richie Wiklund, Justin Levendusky, Adam Kramer, and Tyler Jarman showed up to every single match with a thick bandanna to keep their flowing locks away from their faces. “It provides me with a competitive advantage,” said Jarman. “I can see the birdie 75% clearer.”

Jarman was one of many players to make the difficult choice between club lacrosse and varsity badminton. Some, but not many, would consider the following seniors two-sport athletes:  Tyler Steinberg, Matthew Marshall, Cole Coffay, Adam Kramer, Chris Walker, and Grant Adams.

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Coffay, pictured front, went with the rare Sperry’s-with-athletic-socks look. Photo from Maryvale’s Facebook page.

The team even got new gear this year. Moving on from the classic “Get Smashed” jerseys, Athletic Director Michael Thomas sprung for a sleek gray look this year.

While a majority of the leadership is moving on to play college ball next year, the 2016 badminton squad has junior Grant Adams to lead them through the thick of the schedule next year.

While the team went down early against NDP and Oldfields, it bounced back with a sweep against St. Tims.

After that, Coach Reid’s squad dropped all five remaining matches, which set the stage for Senior Day against Maryvale. The Lions came out fighting, but the Lake Show benefited from wins by Ward and McNulty, Steinberg and Walker, Hyatt and Levendusky, and Marshall and Baker. The highlight of the match came when the foursome of Steinberg, Kramer, Walker, and Wiklund won in a barn-burner.

With the strong finish against Maryvale, this reporter has one question: Where is our championship banner?

Cover photo from Maryvale’s Facebook

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