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Psychology Student Intern at BL Enjoying Experience

Over the past couple of months, the BL faculty has received a brand new addition to the counseling and psychology department. Student intern, Greg Tellish, has been helping Mrs. Kenney and observing the role of a high school psychologist every week since January and will be continuing into May.  Even though he is not a long term faculty member, for the short time he has been here, he has made connections with students and even helped out for the recent One Laker One Love day.

Greg Tellish is currently a second year graduate student at McDaniel College where he is studying in their counseling program. Tellish attended Susquehanna University in Pennsylvania, graduated in 2012 with a degree in Psychology and minor in Business Administration, and is currently pursuing his master’s degree at McDaniel College in Educational Counseling.

According to Mrs. Kenney, “Part of the counseling program at McDaniel is doing an internship which involves following around a counselor one day a week. Mrs. Flowers in the lower school also has an intern from McDaniel. McDaniel College called and asked if our counselors would be willing. And we said yes.”

Since Greg has been here, he has also begun to make connections with students as well.

“He has been doing great. He has transitioned into the community really well. My students have become really comfortable with him and my psych class has come to know him as well,” according to Mrs. Kenney. Greg can be seen throughout the school, usually on Wednesdays, interacting and observing the duties of a school counselor.

Tellish even stated, “BL is a very tight knit and close community. I can definitely see the benefit of small class sizes which is reflective in the relationships of peers and teachers. One key take away I have learned at BL is that students can receive a high-quality education without all the requirements that are included in public school.”

When Mrs. Kenney was asked what her goals for Greg were during this internship, she said, “I want to get him exposed to the many facets of a school counselor. Attending meetings, meeting with kids, going to classes, and observing the peer ed program in the middle school.” And the One Laker One Love was just another facet for Greg to experience.

Finally, Tellish expressed, “My internship has been great so far! I am getting a lot of firsthand experience of the duties of a school counselor. From the first day, Mrs. Kenney and the faculty have been very friendly and accommodating to helping with my internship requirements.

I hope to gain direct experience in the school counseling field which will prepare me for a full-time internship in the near future, specifically working with students in the realm of personal/social, college/career, and academic development.”

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