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New Building on Lake Ave

Hammers and drills can be heard all around Boys’ Latin. A new student center is in the process of being built on West Lake Ave. The new building will be an attachment to Smith Hall, and it will provide students with a much nicer environment to enjoy their lunch and socialize with friends.

According to the Boys’ Latin Parents’ Bulletin, “the new space will be anything but common.” The article posted in the Parents’ Bulletin stated the following facts:

  1. The building will enable students to have lunch by division, providing greater programmatic flexibility and more opportunities for social engagement
  1. The building will improve the daily academic schedule by providing more instructional time
  1. The building will enable healthier, more nutritional food choices due to additional kitchen space
  1. The building will allow students to sit by advisory, strengthening the bonds between students and instructors
  1. The building will provide a gathering space for the entire school community that can be used for parent events, outside speakers and evening special functions

Massive glass windows will be used for the walls in the new building. These massive windows will allow students to look outside at the beautiful views that surround the property.

The building will have a tall slanted roof with the tallest part of the roof being the section by the windows. Boys’ Latin’s architects did a fantastic job in the design of the new building.

The new student center will all around increase students’ experiences on Lake Ave. The new project is the final stage of a long-term construction project that has been taking part at Boys’ Latin. Other parts of the project include the creation of the new Middle School and the remodeling of Smith Hall.

When the current student body leader, Charley Hughes, was asked how he believes the new building will increase students’ experiences he responded,

“I believe that the new cafeteria will significantly better our school. The large eating environment will allow all upper school students to eat together at the same time. This will increase relationships and camaraderie between students. I also think that the new lunch service will provide students with a much better meal at a more affordable price.”

When interviewing students around Boys’ Latin, it is was apparent that the majority of students were most excited for the new lunch options. The new building will include an in-house kitchen. This addition will allow for lunches to be made at Boys’ Latin which in turn will significantly reduce the prices of food.

The new cafeteria and student center will be open for the start of the 2015-2016 school year. Stop by and see the progress being made.

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