Mike Krzyzewski’s 5th National Championship with Duke University

On April 6th, 2015 Mike Krzyzweski won his 1,018th game as a coach. Also topping that off, he won his 5th National Championship ring.

Jason King, a senior reporter for, quoted Krzyzewski after his National Championship win for Duke University’s basketball team. “Can you believe this?” Krzyzewski whispered to his daughter after cutting down his 5th National Championship net.

The National Championship consisted of two basketball organizations. The teams were the Blue Devils of Duke University and the Badgers of the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Wisconsin surely thought they had a National Championship win within their hands when Wisconsin was up by nine  points with 13 minutes left in the second half, but before Wisconsin knew it, Duke’s Grayson Allen decided to put on a show and give the Blue Devils some hope on coming back.

Allen was only averaging 4.4 points per game prior to the National Championship.

Luckily enough for Duke, they came back from this deficient and were able to win the National Championship game by five points. The final score between Duke and Wisconsin was 68 to 63.

60 of Duke’s 68 points in the game were from freshman players. Allen finished the game with 16 points, but 10 of those points came in the most crucial time of the game when Duke was down by nine points.

Sam Dekker stated one of the big reasons that Wisconsin lost because “all they did in the second half was make free throws. You can’t come back if they’re scoring with the clock stopped.”

After the game, Wisconsin had a post game interview. Bo Ryan, Wisconsin’s head coach, was furious. Ryan was not happy with the way the game was officiated.

FOX sports’ article on Bo Ryan stated his opinion about the officiating: “There was more body contact in this game than any game we played all year, and I just felt sorry for my guys that all of a sudden a game was like that. I think they are struggling with that a little bit.”

From the same article, Nigel Hayes, a player for Wisconsin, commented on the officiating of the game. “We are a team with a lot of pride in what we do and we do not want to blame outside factors or other things.” Some other Wisconsin players had the same opinion on the officiating of the National Championship game.

Of course the losing team will always come up with excuses, but both Wisconsin’s and Duke’s seasons were both very successful.

The Wisconsin players did not blame the officiating; they simply did not blame anything but themselves.

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