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Managing Boys’ Latin Lacrosse: Behind the Scenes

Boys’ Latin lacrosse has been dominating their opponents on the field for the past few years. Little do people know, the managing crew has been dominating as well. This year the managers are all juniors, and we all have great chemistry during game time.

The managers include myself, Charlie Iklé, Nate Malinowski, and the master of the scoreboard, Thomas Murphy. We all have unique rolls which forge our chemistry.

I am the man behind the stat book; some consider it the most important job, but in my opinion, it is the most important job. The stat book includes shots, goals, who scored the goals, assists, who gave the assists, ground balls, penalties (quarter and time it occurred), goalie saves, face-off wins and losses, successful or unsuccessful clears, scored or failed extra mans, quarterly ground ball totals as well as shot totals, and the time of a goal along with the quarter and who scored/assisted it.

What makes the stat book even more challenging is that I need to do all those stats for both teams playing.

Along with doing the stat book, I run the BL lacrosse Instagram page. The page has gained many followers since I first started it at the beginning of the 2014 season. Before this season started, it had around 750 followers; it is now up to 1,340 followers.

The Instagram provides people with game scores, wins and losses, upcoming games, player profiles, different pictures involving the team, and occasionally just a nice photo of players on the team.

Charlie Iklé is the man behind the twitter page. He keeps everyone updated on scores, assists, penalties, saves, and even an occasional ground ball tweet. The twitter feed has gained a lot of popularity; Charlie stated, “It was at 640 followers when I took over at the beginning of this season… it’s all the way up to 1,160 now.”

That is very impressive, and a lot of the follower gains are credited to Charlie’s work on  twitter. Charlie’s tweets have been great this season, and some have been “retweeted by larger media sources such as Inside Lacrosse.”

During games, Charlie and I work together to provide the correct information. Because I am doing stats for both teams, Charlie will ask me who scored and assisted the goal for either team.

I asked Charlie what it’s like to be the man behind the twitter page, and he told me, “Haha it’s pretty fun; the other guys don’t act like they are, but they’re jealous of it.”

Along with the twitter page, Charlie helps out with stats during games. He calls out shots, ground balls, goals, assists, and saves which help the stat keepers out. This shows how the managers have nice chemistry and all work well together.

Nate Malinowski is another manager who helps with the stats. Because I do the stat book, Nate is in charge of doing the stat sheet. The stat sheet is basically the same as book, but it’s only stats for BL.

Nate and I pay close attention during games and help each other out. We check with each other during the game to make sure our stats correlate. When I have to write in goals or if I’m busy, Nate will continue to call out what happened so I can get it in the stat book and vice versa.

Nate and I have established solid chemistry so far this season, and we will continue to for the rest of the remaining games.

The man, the myth, the legend, Thomas Murphy, is the man behind the scoreboard during home games. I have never seen someone start and stop the clock faster than Thomas. He puts a penalty time on the scoreboard in under 2.7 seconds.

Along with running the clock, Thomas does our online stat sheet. He has to type up all the stats from the games onto an online Excel sheet. Thomas has been doing this since the 2014 season, and he has done a great job.

All in all, heroes are remembered, but statistics never die.

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