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“Focus” Movie Review

In a movie filled with relentless plot twists and turns, “Focus,” starring Will Smith and Margot Robbie, will leave audiences baffled. It was released on February 27, 2015 and manages to keep viewers engaged, focused, and laughing throughout a roller coaster of unforeseeable plot twists.

Will Smith, a perfect choice for the role, plays a young, handsome, charismatic, clever, con-artist by the name of Nicky, and Margot Robbie, another successful cast pick, plays a beautiful young girl who is a pick pocket and less talented con-artist named Jess. Both Jess and Nicky are likable characters because while Nicky intrigues the audience, Jess gives a sense of playful innocence.

With both characters living in New Orleans, a fitting and entertaining atmosphere, Nicky takes Jess under his wing after she asks for his help in learning tricks of the trade.

Very quickly, Nicky and Jess appear to fall for each other and begin an intimate relationship; however, directly after their first job, Nicky gives Jess her money and says, “Your job is done” and lets her out of the car. To the audience’s surprise, it is revealed that Nicky was only playing Jess in order to complete the job, and that he did not in fact like her.

Three years later, Nicky has a new job in Buenos Aires with the potential to be the biggest con of his career. He pretends to be a crew chief for Rodrigo Santoro, a dangerous and wealthy spanish race car owner with a very hostile and paranoid wingman who does not take kindly to Nicky; however, Nicky was planning to sell his race car’s details to other crews and reap the benefits of millions of dollars in cash. Upon entering one of Rodrigo’s party’s, Nicky sees that Jess is Rodrigo’s girlfriend in another unforeseen twist.

Nicky becomes nostalgic and realizes he loves Jess and is determined to get her back. He tries winning Jess back to no avail, for she has not forgiven him for deceiving and leaving her in New Orleans; she also reveals to Nicky that if he is seen trying to win her over that Rodrigo will become incredibly angry, and that he is not someone to be trifled with. In the most important and most dangerous job of his con career, Nicky is taken off his A-game due to feelings for Jess.

After seemingly completing the job, Nicky is kidnapped by Rodrigo. He finds himself tied to a chair next to Jess, also tied, and Rodrigo reveals that he knows Nicky cheated him and stole his car’s schematics. He abuses Jess and demands answers as to how this happened, and Nicky attempts to lie his way out of it, and was successful until it was also revealed that Jess was also conning Rodrigo in an attempt to steal his $200,000 watch.

In an ending filled with countless more surprises and plot twists, “Focus” leaves audiences nationwide shocked and awed.

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