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First Concussion Experience was an Unpleasant One

On the 3rd of April, I experienced my first concussion.  We had off of school that day and had practice at 9:30 that morning. We had a light practice because we were coming off of a game the night before.

We had our usual warm-up in the beginning of practice and it was going well. After we finished our warm-up, we all met with our coach at midfield. He said we were going to finish out practice with an hour scrimmage.

I thought this should be fun because I play attack when we scrimmage. When coach was telling us what the teams were, I was on my usual team with my usual attack group.

Then coach told us we needed to get ready for Calvert Hall. Coach told me I was going to pretend to be Timmy Kelly during the scrimmage. Timmy is Calvert Hall’s best attack man.

Every time he gets the ball, he runs through the entire defense and goes to the goal. You all are probably wondering why and how this has anything to do with a concussion.

Well coach said, “Braden every time you get the ball, go to the goal and run through the entire defense and try to score.” I said okay, thinking this should be fun, because I get to go to the goal and score. Well, I was sadly mistaken.

After running to the goal and getting abused several times, I was running through the defense, and I got hit right in the side of the head. As soon as this happened, I stepped right back and was curious as to what just happened.

My head hurt for five minutes and then the pain went away. I thought the hit must not have been that bad, but I was wrong.  After practice ended, I went out with Koby Russell and got lunch and chilled with him, and everything was going great.

Around 3:00 p.m., Koby dropped me off at my girlfriend’s for her Passover later that night. About an hour passed and we were getting ready to leave for the Passover. All of a sudden, I got a terrible pain in my head and my stomach.

The pain in my head didn’t go away, so I called my dad and he came and picked me up and we went to GBMC to get my head looked at to see if I had a concussion. I never had a concussion before in my life and had no idea what the symptoms were.

I thought I couldn’t have a concussion because I only got hit in the head with a lacrosse stick. I didn’t have any pain until later.  We got to GBMC, and finally after waiting for an hour my name was called.

I went back and told the lady what happened and how I was feeling. After I finished telling her everything, she told me to stand up and walk in a straight line and a couple of other things.

After doing all of this and telling her all my symptoms, she told me I had a concussion. I was shocked to hear this because I didn’t think I had one. She told me I had to sit out of sports for a week and needed to relax.

When I got home, I went straight to bed and slept for 15 hours. Then after sleeping for 15 hours, I got up for an hour and ate some food and went back to bed for another four hours. Then 7:00 p.m. rolled around and my whole Saturday was almost gone.

I had never been this tired before in my life and didn’t know a concussion could make you so tired. After sleeping almost the whole day, I figured I’d get up and have some more to eat.

From all of this, I learned that you should take concussions very seriously and not mess around with them at all. I also learned you need to take it easy and get a lot of rest to feel better.

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