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“Dexter”: The TV Show

“Dexter” is a TV show that started in 2006 and has been off the air since 2013. It is now available On Demand. The show takes place in Miami, Florida and is about a serial killer that kills other bad people.

This TV show is one that makes people sit on the edge of their seats the entire show and keeps people excited about what may happen in the next episode.

Although the show has been great for many people, there are many people who are not happy with the way that the show ended. Instead of having an ending in the show like people would have expected, the show had another turn. This is what made the entire TV show exciting.

The entire show was full of twists and turns and made the person watching it have to guess what was going to happen. Since Dexter is a serial killer who seems like a normal guy, the person watching the TV show never knew what to expect when he turned into his serial killer self.

Michael C. Hall (who is Dexter in the TV show) plays a normal detective during the day, identifying crime scenes in which people have been murdered and at night turns into a serial killer who goes after other bad people.

Since the show took so much time to write, the cast was not as happy with how the ending of the TV show went as well. Michael C. Hall commented on how the show took so much time and the writers put so much into it, that the writers perhaps were gassed and did not put as much into the final episode of the TV show.

What is amazing is that Dexter is such a smart person. He is a person that identifies killings which makes it interesting that he has the ability to kill other bad people himself. It seems weird that he can realize that people are bad; it is even more weird that he has no problem being a bad person himself.

The TV show was a hit and made many people fans. It was an interesting show that made people think.

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