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Boys’ Latin Seniors Final Month on Lake Avenue

The Boys’ Latin senior class has less than two months left on Lake Avenue.  In five weeks, faculty, students, and family will stand around the gym as the seniors say their goodbyes.  However, these few weeks are the hardest for the seniors.

Most seniors expect to relax and be as lazy as possible.  Unfortunately, this causes grades to drop, and that is not what colleges want to see.

This is known as senioritis.  describes senioritis as “an ebbing of motivation and effort by school seniors as evidenced by tardiness, absences, and lower grades.”

Senioritis is different with every class.  It depends on whether or not the seniors let it affect them enough to hurt them.  According to people in the BL community, this hasn’t been a huge problem with this year’s senior class.

After many interviews, it is easy to say that Boys’ Latin students all have the same opinion about the class of 2015.

Kodye Pugh, a Boys’ Latin junior, thinks “the senior class is deep with athletes, comedians, and tons of other people.  They are very well rounded and enjoyable to be around.”

Kodye continues to talk about how he has seen the class grow since September.  According to Kodye, They’re getting lazier, but also more mature as they realize that their high school career is almost over.”

When asked how the senior class will be remembered when they leave, Kodye was able to answer right away.  “I think they will be remembered in a positive way because they have made changes here that will lead to a brighter future.  I think their legacy will be pretty amazing.”

Cam Vaden, a Boys’ Latin sophomore, has a similar opinion about the senior class.  “I’ve been a part of this family for a while and I love this senior class.  I didn’t really know a lot of last year’s seniors, but I know most of the seniors this year.”

Cam continues to talk about the growth of the senior class when he describes them as “leaders” and “more mature.” He believes that the senior class is the “leader of our family.”

Some members of the senior class have been talking about how they will be remembered when they leave on May 15th.  Blair Brooks, a senior,  describes his class as “trendsetters. We start a bunch of trends, we have the class of athletes, and we leave a positive mark in everything we do.”

There is no doubt that the senior class is full of trendsetters.  Devin Shewell, another senior, started his clever language of “Shewellisms” freshman year.  It has  made its way into the mouths of the BL community and other schools as well.

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