Amazon’s Revolutionary New Dash Button

Amazon has recently released a brand new ad showing off the newest accessory to aid in simple online shopping.

The revolutionary new product is called the Amazon Dash Button. The Dash Button is a button where the user simply presses the button when replacement products are needed. With one tap of a button and a confirmation code to the user’s phone, the order will be placed.

The button also comes with features that allow the user to cancel any order if need be. The package will be shipped and arrive with the Amazon Prime two day guarantee.

The user has the Dash Button synced with a product online ranging from laundry detergent to food items. It is mainly synced up with the products that are used the most and are frequently used up. The Dash Button ends the process of wasting time and money going to the store to now only using  fingertips in a fraction of the time.

All products that can be bought through the Dash Button are name brand only. Some brands include Bounty, Tide, Kraft, Olay, and many more.

Many see flaws in the new Dash Button, for the bargain hunters who are always looking for a deal.

There will be no discounts. The consumer will be buying the name products at full price. The buyer will just have to weigh the option of going all of the way out to the store or simply pressing a button to place an order.

The whole point of the Dash Button is to make buying the most used products around the house without actually leaving the house. It is revolutionizing the way people will shop online.

Many have compared the Dash Button to the Staples Easy Button but calling it the futuristic version. Both buttons are so simple yet are great sellers; Staples has sold thousands of Easy Buttons, while Amazon will sell thousands of products through the Dash Button. The future is near, and the dash button is just the beginning.

The Dash Button could easily be the next big household necessity. There is no real downside except paying full prices for name brand products. It is everything that a consumer needs to save long expensive trips to the store.

The product is already available for consumer use; however, it is only available to Amazon Prime members.

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