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32 Seniors Celebrate Athletic Achievements at College Media Day

On Monday March 30, 32 seniors assembled in the Alumni House to celebrate their accomplishments of committing to college to play sports.

It was a long awaited day for future NCAA athletes to come together and take pictures. Some seniors wore hats and T-shirts representing the team they will be playing for next year. Some seniors, such as Dylan Gaines, didn’t wear any sort of college clothing and instead wore just a plain old shirt and tie.

Out of the 32 seniors, 16 of them are committed to play lacrosse next year, not an unusual number for the Boys’ Latin seniors. Eight of them are committed to play Division I at top schools such as Syracuse, Loyola, and Denver. The other half will attend schools in Division III such as the Merchant Marine Academy, Stevenson, and the Coast Guard Academy.

Patrick Spencer, who’s committed to play lacrosse at Loyola University next fall, said that he is excited to start this next chapter in his life because his school is a great fit for him both academically and athletically. Rocco Bruno, a future member of the 2019 class at Stevenson University, said that he is excited to bring his talents to the Owings Mills area.

Another part of the 32 athletes planning to play a sport in college are seven seniors with great talent and passion in football. Billy Wingo and Jerel Archer will attend Stonehill College and face Stephon Hill and Preston Waters every year at Assumption College in a classic Division II rivalry game. Offensive guard Dimitri Lezcano, a very recent commit, will take his football talents to McDaniel College as well.

Head football coach, Richie Schell, said that the coaches of the players that have committed are extremely lucky as each player is full of talent as well as potential. Schell believes if each of these players were a little bit larger they would be strong candidates for Division I football.

The nine other committed seniors will take their talents to great schools for soccer, basketball, baseball, ice hockey, volleyball, and squash. Colton Haugh will be the only senior to be participating in two sports in college, playing ice hockey and volleyball at Stevenson University. Haugh is excited to be playing his two favorite sports at the college level but is nervous about handling the heavy workload.

The Boys’ Latin community is excited for these future collegiate athletes and wish them the most success both athletically and academically.

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