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Successful First One Laker One Love Day

On April 10th here at Boys’ Latin, there was something new happening, something BL has never seen.

One Love is a foundation that was started after the death of Yeardley Love who was killed by her boyfriend while attending her senior year at the University of Virginia. She played lacrosse and had one as her jersey number, which contributed to the name of the foundation.

BL had a half day dedicated to educating the whole student body, grades K-12, on relationship violence prevention. Obviously the lower schoolers didn’t learn the same things as the upper schoolers, but the same general concepts was there.

The day started just after lunchtime and went until the lacrosse and baseball game time of 4 p.m.. Between lunchtime and 4 p.m., there were many activities involving full school cooperation and also activities that separated the different divisions as well.

Sharron Love, Yeardley’s mother, came to BL and spoke to the upper school and middle school. This was a moving experience for everyone involved and very reflective, as was intended. It promoted great conversations and questions from the audience. There were so many questions in fact that they had to be limited due to time restrictions.

The seniors and juniors viewed One Love’s educational movie, “Escalation,” to aquire a more detailed vision of what relationship violence looks and sounds like. After the movie was over, jaws were dropped left and right. Initially nobody said a word, but through thought-provoking questions from One Love’s moderator, discussion was reached.

A side of the upperclassmen was seen that has never been seen before. Some people were teary-eyed and some were just in awe of what they saw. Maturity is a good adjective to describe what could be seen.

Students such as Mitchell Casper ’16, Robert Rice ’15, and Brendan Mullally ’16 were some of many students who constantly asked questions and brought good points to the discussion.

Last year, a group of sophomores and a group of seniors viewed the movie while it was still on the drawing board, providing tips to making it more effective for kids of high school age. Similar reactions were brought out by the movie to this demographic of students.

That focus group turned into the club it is today as David Modell and Jack Pezzulla pursued faculty sponsers Mrs. Kenney and Mr. Robinson. They helped the club grow to 23 members and to be recognized pubically by news stations such as Fox45 and WMAR ABC2.

One Laker One Love day was a revolutionary day for Boys’ Latin and set a standard of proper behavior and excellence. The faculty and many other people saw what the students here at Boys’ Latin have to offer, and it is extremely positive.

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