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BL Senior Internships

This year, the seniors have an amazing ‘once in a lifetime’ opportunity to see what it is like in the real world before they all head off to college.  This great chance to see the work place and what it has to offer is called a senior internship.  Senior internships have been a part of the BL community for many years, and it has been a complete success.

During the second semester of senior year, every senior is required to choose an internship.  It can be any type of job that he is interested in.  Mrs. Molling, the head of the drama department at BL and the head of senior internships, has given every student an internship application that they must complete as soon as possible.  The application consists of questions and information that each student must fill out so Mrs. Molling, Mr. Mitchell, or Mr. Franklin can check in with every mentor to see what each student is doing.

Mrs. Molling, Mr. Gugerty, and Mr. Kennedy also planned a scheduled lunch every week for each student to talk about their internships.  The amount of time and effort that the whole BL community gives in order for this amazing opportunity to work is truly incredible.

Michael Cayce, a senior that will be interning at the Carroll Independent Fuels High’s Convenient Store Marketing Division had some opinions about the senior internships.

“I find it great that we get two weeks to obtain real world experience. It will be an enriching two weeks, and I hope my fellow classmates will make the most of it.  I chose the Carroll Independent Fuels High’s Convenient Store Marketing Division as my internship because I felt like it would be very interesting.

When I get to college, I want to major in business, and I wanted to do my internship with something related to what I want to do in college and after college.”

Senior Casey McNulty also had some interesting opinions about the senior internships.

“I am interning at the American Institute of Architecture this year.  I think the opportunity that we are given is amazing, and I really look forward to learning more about architecture.  As you can see, I want to be an architect, and before I attend Auburn University next fall to major in architecture, I want to know a little bit more about my dream.”

Boys’ Latin has given the seniors this opportunity for many years, and hopefully this incredible experience will stay at BL for many years to come!

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