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An Empire that Took the Nation by Storm

When one hears the word empire, it might spark the thought of the famous Roman Empire. The newly found drama series “Empire” hits viewers hard. This show put up astounding numbers after its first episode.

What makes this show so good? Is it the soulful symphonies of various artists, the drama, or a little bit of both? “Empire” set the stage high for FOX ratings.

According to an article posted by Josef Adalian on Vulture.com, “Empire” had the highest ratings on FOX for a newly released series in several years. There are many things that make this show attractive to viewers.

This show is not only just about the music business. It talks about many social issues such as homosexual relations and interracial marriage.

“Empire” is about a father, played by Terrance Howard, who used to be a street hustler who creates his own music industry. His significant other, played by Taraji P. Henson, has just been released from jail, and she returns to claim half of the company.

Lucious Lyon, played by Terrence Howard, thinks he is dying of ALS, and he’s given three years maximum to live. Lucious has three sons: Jamal, Hakeem, and Andre.

Andre is the oldest. He is married to a white woman, and he is the most educated son. Andre works for his father as an executive manager for Empire.

Jamal is the middle child, and he has a hard time earning his father’s respect because of his homosexuality. His father often disrespects Jamal, and their relationship is very erratic.

Jamal is a singer, and at first he is timid to pursue an official career. He is then motivated when he sees how much his father doubts him.

Hakeem is the youngest son, a hot head, and a narcissist. He is very spoiled, ungrateful, and often takes his opportunity for granted. Lucious tries to mold Hakeem into his figure so he can be the successor of Empire.

Since Lucious thinks he is dying of ALS, he hurries to find someone to take over Empire when he is gone. He tells his children that only one can rule and makes them compete against each other.

America loves drama, and “Empire” is full of it. According to an article posted on the Wrap.com, “Empire” had better ratings for FOX than Thursday Night Football.

“Empire” was approved for season two after its third episode according to Deadline Hollywood.com. There has not been a set date for season two, but when it returns, it will have serious competition considering the high ratings from season one.

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