The New Wave of Transportation: Uber

Uber car services is a company that creates opportunities for people looking for a driver. The company was founded by Thomas Kalanick in March of 2009.

He is a thirty-eight year old entrepreneur who dropped out of UCLA to start his endeavors.

Uber grew so fast because it is based off an app. By use of the app, the clients can locate a driver in their local vicinity.  The driver then can proceed to find the passenger by the GPS through the app provided by Uber.

Uber provides a variety of cars which is good for large groups or people looking for a certain quality. Uber’s website lists a low-cost option called the Uberx. The mid-range option is the Uberblack, and the luxury option is the Uberlux.

Uber is also different from previous car services because the payment is made by cards. Most traveling services only take cash, so by providing a credit card service, Uber is standing out from the normal car service payment ways. This is a unique advancement to the car service industry and a brilliant idea by the workers at Uber.

According to Forbes, Kalanick’s first company was a file exchange company. This company was sued by Motion Pictures which led to his next endeavor. He then went on to create Redswoosh, another online file exchange company that he sold for $19 million.

Forbes’ net worth for Thomas Kalanick is a jaw dropping $5.3 billion. Forbes also has him at owning 13 percent of Uber making up his net worth. According to Forbes, the company is now worth a staggering $43 billion.

Uber is one of the most steadily growing companies, and by expanding to more cities and countries, the growth will increase. Go out and see the new wave of transportation.

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