College Lacrosse Season Write-Up

With the lacrosse season heating up, teams are trying to make a case as to why they should be in the playoffs. The wins and losses start to add up, and the leaders of the teams are more depended on throughout the season.

Sure there are many talented teams with many reasons as to why they should be in, but what it comes down to is how the teams are playing in the regular season and why their wins are better than other teams wins.

Some of the teams that are standing out are Syracuse, Virginia, Johns Hopkins, Duke, Cornell, and Penn.

Syracuse is undefeated and has an amazing offense that consists of All-American type players such as Kevin Rice, Dylan Donahue, and Randy Staats. With Rice playing the X position, which is the position behind the goal, Syracuse is on their way to a great season.

Syracuse had an impressive win this year over Duke as they blew them out in a game where Syracuse was ranked number one and Duke was ranked number four.

Duke also has a very high powered offense led by midfielder Myles Jones and attackman Justin Guterding. They are usually known to have a high scoring offense but did not show that at all during this game.

Virginia and Johns Hopkins are two other teams in college lacrosse that are being recognized right now. Virginia won the game against Hopkins in overtime 16-15. They are 7-2 overall (0-2 in conference).

Johns Hopkins also has a talented roster led by senior attackman Wells Stanwick (Boys’ Latin graduate) and long pole midfielder Michael Pellegrino. They are 3-5 overall and have not played an in-conference game yet. They have lost two overtime games and hope to make a run in their conference to get to the playoffs.

Cornell is also a team to watch as they got by Penn. They are 6-2 overall (2-0 in conference). They lost a close one-goal game to Virginia and won a triple-overtime game against Penn.

Penn is not having a great year, but they gave Cornell a good game. It went into triple overtime. Penn is 3-5 overall, and they are 0-2 in the conference.

This shows that anybody can be beaten in college lacrosse this year and it also shows that even the good teams have close games.

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