Should Cops Wear Body Cameras?

One of the most talked about arguments in public safety today is if police officers should wear body cameras while on duty.

After the Michael Brown shooting in Ferguson, Missouri, this argument has sprouted immensely. Some argue that it could stop police brutality and false witness accounts while others believe that it is a waste of money and time.

I believe that it is an incredibly good idea for the state governments to invest in body cameras for their police officers. The monitoring of police officers’ actions would allow for an increase in liability and transparency in tense situations.

While outfitting every police officer in a major city would cost millions, it also is incredibly beneficial. The American government already spends millions of tax dollars on useless things, and I believe that these cameras are not one of them.

Imagine if Officer Darren Wilson was outfitted with a body camera during the time when he had the confrontation with Michael Brown. If there was first person footage from that incident, all of the questions and riots would have never happened. A video could have let people immediately see if it was cold blooded murder or just self-defense.

Many cities have already started outfitting their police officers with cameras, while others are starting to experiment with them. According to The New York Times, New York City has already invested in several body cameras and dressed them with some of their finest.

Police commissioners whose officers have tested the cameras have noticed how beneficial they are to keeping police officers in line. They have also stated that people who are confronted by police are also much more complying and less likely to do anything rash when being recorded.

Critics say that the cameras will not do anything and that it is a complete waste of time. They say that video evidence can be interpreted wrong and sometimes show an unclear view of what is actually happening.

Recently, a white police officer shot and killed an African American man in the back eight times while he was running away. The man was unarmed and the police officer had no right to kill him. The cop was immediately fired and arrested and no angry riots started.

This was all because a witness recorded the whole incident on his phone, creating undisputed evidence for everyone to see. Outcomes like this, that are true to what happened, could occur every time if body cameras were present.

The government should absolutely invest in body cameras for police officers because the pros easily out weigh the cons. The benefits for investing in these cameras would be revolutionary for the police force and judiciary system.

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Adrian Peterson is Back

Adrian Peterson has finally been let back into the NFL. According to the NFL’s website, Peterson was suspended in November of 2014 after allegedly hitting his 4-year-old son.

Peterson has not played in an NFL game since week one of the 2014 football season. Judging from Peterson’s comeback in 2011, when he tore his ACL, he should have no problem with having a great upcoming season.

There is one problem facing Peterson. He doesn’t have a team to play for.

It is very hard for someone in Peterson’s situation to find a team that wants him. Sure, Peterson is one of the best running backs that has possibly ever played football, but he hasn’t played in over a year. Also, teams in the NFL want guys that don’t bring bad media to the team.

According to ESPN’s website, Peterson has been in the NFL since 2007. He has played for the Minnesota Vikings his whole career.

Peterson has proved to be an amazing football player. He had his best NFL season in 2012 after an ACL injury that previous year. As reported by, he won NFL Offensive Player of the Year, NFL Most Valuable Player, and placed second for the NFL Comeback Player of the Year.

As stated by USA today, in the regular season of that year, Peterson rushed for 2,097 yards. That was just eight yards shy of the all-time record set by Eric Dickerson in 1984.

The 2012 season was an amazing season for Peterson. Not only did Peterson almost break an NFL record, but he also came off of an ACL injury that happened less than a year before. Most people thought Peterson would never be able to get back to his normal self.

Moving forward to the 2013 season, Peterson did not do as well as he had in the previous years.

In October of 2013, Peterson’s 2-year-old son tragically passed away. According to the New York Daily News, Peterson’s son was beaten by the boyfriend of the mother. This obviously had a huge impact on Peterson and could have affected his playing.

As stated by Fox News, almost a year later, Peterson was charged for hitting his 4-year-old son. This act broke the NFL’s personal conduct policy. This was a shame because he had done so well in his previous years.

This goes to show that one mistake can truly change one’s life.

Peterson has always been a person that people like and really hadn’t gained a bad reputation until this happened. Peterson also hasn’t shown a lot of remorse, which has angered people and made them question his morals.

Sideline Cellies Win Games

For many in sports, glory comes on the field and in the live action of the game. However, there are a select few who find this glory on the sidelines.

The bench players on the lacrosse team have found out how they can contribute to the team without even getting on the field. In a close game after a goal is scored, the players who don’t get any playing time get together to partake in wacky celebrations.

These celebrations started off small with little things like somebody pretending to struggle doing squats or the bench press. The intricacy of the merrymaking has progressed throughout the season.

The sideline camaraderie did not start here on Lake Ave; it started on the sidelines at West Point. The players at Army who didn’t see the field as much decided to add themselves to the game by celebrating.

Senior Luke Brown decided during the close game against number two ranked McDonough to bring that type of celebration to the Laker sideline. The first performance made by Brown was him pretending to squat and struggling to finish the rep. When he finished his squat, the sideline went ballistic.

There was a second revelry performed by Brown that game, and it was him pretending to struggle doing a final rep. Once again, the rest of the sideline went haywire.

The celebration proved to work since the Lakers pulled through with the upset victory over McDonough.

The celebrations work so well because it gets everybody included into the game without having everybody actually get in and on the field. These even get the crowd and student section into the game.

The celebrations create this boost of confidence, morale, adrenaline, and sense of being on top. With these factors on one’s side, it’s almost impossible to lose a game.

The opposing team has its spirit slashed when seeing the celebrations. Who wants to see a contending opponent celebrate, rubbing in the goal further?

To the sideline’s surprise, all of the coaches including Coach Shriver approved of the celebrations and gave consent to keep doing them. Coach Sharf, of all coaches, liked the celebrations the most; he believes that it brings everybody into the game. The celebrations are what really bring the team together.

Junior star manager Charlie Iklé happened to catch a Luke Brown celebration on camera. Charlie later posted it on the popular social media site vine. To date, it has over 149,000 views on the site.

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Milwaukee Car Accident Leads to Collateral Deaths of Three People

On Sunday, April 12, 2015, a two-year-old boy in Milwaukee was killed in an accident, an accident that led to the collateral deaths of three other people.

The two-year-old, Damani Terry, was attending a family birthday party when for reasons unknown, he ran into the street where he was struck by a GMC van. The driver of the van immediately got out and tried to attend to Terry; however, he was killed upon impact.

The family heard the noise and came running outside. Terry’s fifteen-year-old older brother, Rasheed, came running out as well; however, he and the driver of the van were both shot and killed.

The police identified the shooter as Ricky Ricardo Chiles III, the uncle of both Damani and older brother Rasheed. Chiles was located by police in a Chicago hotel late Wednesday night. However, Chiles took his own life in the hotel room before authorities could seize him.

The family stated that they believe Ricky Chiles was aiming for Brown, the driver of the van; however, a poorly aimed shot struck Rasheed.

The accident was nothing but that, an accident. Young Damani Terry ran into the road, and Brown could not react fast enough to avoid him. Brown also immediately got out and tried to help save the two-year-old.

Family friend Stephanie Townsend said, “’I heard he [Rasheed] was trying to pick his brother [Damani] up. He was trying to hold him and save him’” (

Chiles did not take the time to see what happened exactly; he immediately tried to kill the man who accidentally struck his nephew, and in doing so, he ended up killing his other nephew, leaving the family even more broken. Lena Tidwell, the grandmother of the two boys and mother of Chiles, said, “’Sunday was the worst day I ever lived in my whole entire life. It’s a day that I wished had never, never came'” (

According to Flynn, an officer, “‘What did we have Sunday?’ Flynn asked. ‘We had some clown take the law into his own hands and murder a guy who was doing what we expect good citizens to do, and oops, accidentally kill somebody else'” (

What should have been the unfortunate tragedy, an accidental death, of a two-year-old turned into a horrible avoidable tragedy that ultimately created three more deaths.

Look-A-Likes: Spring Edition

Here are a few look-a-likes spotted around Boys’ Latin this 2014-2015 school year. Throughout the hallways, some people may look familiar even if you don’t know them personally. These look-a-likes feature BL students and faculty members, comparing them to celebrity actors, singers, athletes, and fictional characters.


Señor Robinson, beloved teacher and college advisor, is back in the spring edition, and this time he looks like the famous singer Ed Sheeran. We asked Señor if he thinks he has the same, if not better, musical talents as his look-a-like, and he stated, “I have nowhere near his musical talents.”

Screen Shot 2015-04-22 at 9.21.33 AM     Screen Shot 2015-04-27 at 8.15.03 AM

Joey Celentano, senior and the legendary Kury’s protege, actually looks a lot like pop star Bruno Mars. We asked Joey what he thought of his look-a-like and he told us, “I think it’s a great look-a-like; Bruno Mars is a great performer. He’s got great style, and you know ‘Grenade’ and my favorite gem of his is ‘Treasure.'”

Screen Shot 2015-04-22 at 9.33.24 AM      Screen Shot 2015-04-27 at 8.07.29 AM

Junior Hayden Kovinsky is back, and this time his look-a-like is pro golfer Tiger Woods. We ask Hayden if he agreed with his look-a-like, and he stated, “yes, absolutely, just look at me.”

Screen Shot 2015-04-22 at 9.37.02 AM     Screen Shot 2015-04-27 at 7.33.10 AM

Michael “Cheese” Morsberger, looks like Sid from “Ice Age.”

Screen Shot 2015-04-27 at 8.03.42 AM     Screen Shot 2015-04-27 at 8.05.04 AM

Rowan Bartell, a sophomore, looks like Bruce from “Finding Nemo.”

 Screen Shot 2015-04-23 at 2.52.11 PM     Screen Shot 2015-04-27 at 7.32.59 AM

Anthony Wyler, a senior, prides himself on knowing he looks like soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo. We asked Anthony do you agree with your look-a-like, and do you think you have the same playing ability as Ronaldo, and he said, “Obviously it’s a known fact. As far as playing ability, I don’t think it’s even a question yes I play like Ronaldo, yes I dangle, yes I have nice cellys, yes my hair is slicked to perfection.”

Screen Shot 2015-04-23 at 2.53.30 PM     Screen Shot 2015-04-27 at 7.54.24 AM

There are a ton of Boys’ Latin students and faculty members that look like famous stars and fictional characters that can be seen on television every day.  Hopefully, this article provided a good laugh with new and original ideas not included last time.

Say No to Weed

Marijuana is a detriment to the health of the human body and mind. The negative impacts that smoking marijuana have on our bodies is profound.

Marijuana is the most commonly used illicit drug in the United States. Marijuana affects users immediately after smoking it, and the effects last for several hours. Many side effects include delusions, hallucinations, impaired memory, and disorientation.

The legalization of marijuana would greatly increase drug abuse in our society, thus leading to a multitude of health problems and irreversible societal issues. Similarities have been discovered between marijuana users and mental health patients including depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts, and personality disturbances.

This inactivity essentially leads to problems with memory and learning. Marijuana use can also cause fear, distrust, or paranoia. A recent Northwestern University study found that marijuana users have abnormal brain structure and poor memory.

Marijuana users who begin in their teens risk permanently damaging their brains and ability to retain information. The study also found that chronic marijuana abuse may lead to schizophrenia.

Many people argue that marijuana is harmless because it is considered a soft drug, unlike heroin and cocaine, which are characterized as hard drugs. At face value, it may appear that way, but this claim is completely false. Marijuana is one of the most popular and abused gateway drugs in today’s society.

According to another study done by the Foundation for a Drug Free World, the vast majority of cocaine users (99.9%) began by first using a “gateway drug” such as marijuana. One study found that youth who use marijuana are 85 times more likely to use cocaine than kids who do not smoke pot.

Pot smokers are often portrayed as fun loving, carefree individuals who enjoy kicking back and munching on Cheetos, but that is simply unacceptable. Marijuana has the potential to ruin people’s lives. It diminishes the ability to think clearly and retain information, and it also leaves permanently damaging effects on the human body.

So ask yourself, is the legalization of marijuana good for our country? Is it good for us as individuals? Is it good for our children and the future generations of America?

Do you want to encourage your children that smoking marijuana is okay? I’m sure most families would say no.

Providence Friars Upset Boston University Terriers in Frozen Four Final

On April 11, 2015, the Providence College Friars made history against the Boston University Terriers at TD Garden in Boston, Massachusetts. BU, the favorite to win, was upset late in the game on a fluke goal caused by their own goaltender, which would seal the game as Providence goalie John Gillies stood on his head.

BU was favored over Providence this year because of their impressive 19-0-0 regular season record and the leadership of their star player Jack Eichel. Eichel was also the recipient of the esteemed Hobey Baker award for the league’s best player. However, all of Eichel’s skill could not put his team on top as the clock ran out.

Boston lost the game because of an unfortunate bounce on their goaltender which changed the momentum of the game. According to SB Nation, “The Providence College Friars won their first hockey national championship in program history. Thanks to a gift from Boston University goalie Matt O’Connor and a late tally from Brandon Tanev, PC earned a 4-3 come-from-behind victory over the Terriers, who had previously been 19-0-0 on the season when leading after two periods.” stated, “In the third period, Tom Parisi tied the game (11:24) while dumping the puck in the BU zone. Terrier netminder Matt O’Connor mishandled the puck and it crossed the line to tie the game 3-3.” This one play killed the spark that BU had going into the final period and eventually led to their downfall.

While the hearts of BU fans were devastated by the play, “two minutes later, Brandon Tanev netted the biggest goal in Providence history at 13:43 with the game winner when he beat his defender and connected on a wrist shot from the slot that went high past O’Connor,” according to

In the final moments though, PC goalie John Gillies might have stolen the game from the Terriers. According to, “None of this would have happened without a sprawling save by Gillies in front of the net with 1:01 remaining. The play was so incredible that Gillies himself thought the puck was in the net. When he discovered it wasn’t, he dove and a shot by BU’s Cason Hohmann bounced off Gillies’ chest while he was down on the ice.”

“’I didn’t hear the horn,’ Gillies said. ‘I was looking for the puck because it wasn’t out of the zone. I just wanted to make it sure it didn’t … it didn’t go in. I didn’t even have time to get my helmet off before everyone was on top of me. There was an unbelievable feeling.’” Gillies’ save sealed the deal for the Friars and helped them secure their first ever national championship in team history.