Super Smash Bros: a Revolution

What happens when 41 lacrosse players are given plenty of free time with no place to go? A revolution is what happens.

This is exactly what happened this year on the lacrosse team’s visit to Georgia this spring break. Senior Dylan Gaines brought down his Nintendo 64  along with his Super Smash Bros game. Once the console was plugged into the T.V. and turned on, it wasn’t turned off.

Although Super Smash Bros is a video game for the Nintendo 64 console and came out 15 years ago, it is just as fun as it was the day it came out. For many, the game was a childhood.

In the game, the user selects a character from various other Nintendo games. Then the player fights against friends or a computer.

The goal of the game is to knock the other players off of the map. To do so, each character has a unique set of moves. No two characters are quite the same.

When playing with friends, the game can get very intense often leading to wagers and bets being placed on the games.

The games mainly consisted of contests between Dylan Gaines, Colton Haugh, Devon Shewell, and Josh Lurie. The game style was a free-for-all, and the last one standing was crowned the victor.

Colton Haugh and Devon Shewell both boast that they are the best players on the lacrosse team.  Dylan Gaines thought otherwise and claimed to be the dankest. 

Josh Lurie also is the self-proclaimed champion. However, he is the kind of player that hides from all of the action with an unfair item. He waits for everybody else to take each other out of the game, and then he will start to play with the advantage of more lives.

There was no consistent winner of the games, leading to games getting pretty rowdy. Each game with a completely different outcome allowed for insanity and chaos inside of the hotel rooms.

Although the games were joyous for the most part, tempers eventually rose, and arguments broke out.

There was complaining about Josh Lurie holding a Beam Sword for the whole match. Complaints about Devon Shewell only using certain unfair moves with the character Kirby were considered annoying and unfair.

The biggest argument was obviously who was the best player.  It was, and is still, a never ending argument. All that can be done is to just play over and over again until there is a clear victor, which may never even happen.

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