Embarrassment for Secret Service upon Two Agents Crashing into White House

On Wednesday, March 4, 2015, two senior secret service agents crashed their vehicle into a White House barrier after a night of drinking. After the crash, officers on duty who witnessed the incident wanted to arrest the officers and conduct sobriety tests; however, a supervisor on duty allowed them to go home. It is hard to fathom that in what should be the safest area in the United States was compromised by two employees who live to protect it.

Given the fact that in recent years law enforcement has been heavily cracking down on drunk drivers, this incident has caused a lot of scrutiny toward the secret service as a whole.

The two agents are reportedly Mark Connolly, the second in command on President Barrack Obama’s security unit, and the other, George Ogilvie, a senior supervisor in the Washington field office. Both men have been reassigned for the time being, and an investigation is ongoing (washingtonpost.com).

This incident has led people to question not only the judgment of the secret service but with whom President Barrack Obama chooses to surround himself.

Republican chairman Jason Chaffetz of Utah and top Democrat Elijah Cummings of Maryland issued a statement last Wednesday evening and said, “The fact that this event involved senior-level agents is not only embarrassing, but [it also] exhibits a clear lack of judgment in a potentially dangerous situation” (cnn.com).  It is baffling that two of the men trusted with arguably one of the most important jobs a United States citizen can have, could make such a monumental mistake, endangering not only their own lives, but the lives of people around them.

Inevitably, if the agents are found to have been heavily intoxicated when the incident occurred, they will have to be let go from their positions despite years of dedicated servitude. While the incident is unfortunate for the two agents, their actions were an embarrassment for the White House and the entire secret service.

For now, however, nothing is permanent until the investigation into what transpired is concluded, and according to a senior administration official at the White House, “at the request of Secret Service Director Joe Clancy, the Department of Homeland Security’s Office of the Inspector General is conducting an investigation into the allegations. We’re not going to comment further on this while that investigation is ongoing” (cnn.com).

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