Clinton’s Email Potentially Ruptures Credibility

Even as the story begins to lose traction, Hillary Clinton’s email scandal could stick in voters’ minds in 2016.

There is a complete division between the American people. The controversial story surrounding Hillary Clinton’s email has put her integrity and her transparency into question. As many Americans discuss whether her using a private email for personal and professional use is wrong, many people are thinking about her future as the potential 45th president of the United States.

CNN.com conducted many polls pertaining to Hillary Clinton’s actions and to her integrity and future as president. After her press conference regarding the use of a private email, 57% of people said that they would be proud to call Hillary Clinton their president. Another poll showed 52% of voters said that her use of a private email shows no indication regarding her job performance or integrity as a whole, but 46% of voters believe that this is an indication of her lack of “readiness for the job” and a reinforcement of voters’ distrust of Clinton.

A surprising 27% of democrats, 74% of republicans, and 53% of independents believe that Hillary Clinton committed a form of wrongdoing by using her private email account. As this email incident may seem significant, Clinton is the clear favorite to receive the Democratic nomination, beating Vice President Joe Biden in the polls by 50 points according to another poll conducted by CNN.com. Many also are confident that Clinton is favored for the White House in 2016 even if more democrats decide to run.

Many Americans are severely concerned with the clarity surrounding the Benghazi terrorist attacks. Clinton was subpoenaed for all her emails relating to the Benghazi attacks from 2012, however, the emails from her time at the state department have been permanently deleted. These subpoenaed emails related especially to the location of terrorist weapons in Libya.

The Clinton family, unfortunately, has been surrounded by controversy for many years. Voters still remember the Monica Lewinsky scandal which led to the impeachment of President Bill Clinton in 1998. As former President Clinton has suffered for his actions, this event still affects the credibility surrounding the family as a whole.

Through all this controversy, it seems that many Americans will look past this incident and focus on the bigger future. Clinton provides loyal service for the United States and may escape this email catastrophe unscathed. Clinton is a strong competitor for 2016 and has a huge chance to win the Democratic primary against her weaker political opponents.

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