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The Modern Day James Bond: “Kingsman” Review

Released on February 13th in the United States, “Kingsman” is the next best spy movie. It has an old school touch with a modern twist. I went and saw the movie in the Towson Theatre and by the time the movie was over, I was blown away.

Colin Firth, the Oscar winning actor, plays Harry Hart who is a member of the Kingsman group. The group is a spy agency responsible for keeping everything at peace without being noticed. His character serves as a mentor to Taron Egerton’s character, Eggsy, who is a poor boy who lives with his mother.

He is busted out of jail by Harry Hart because Hart wants to give Eggsy the chance to become a member of the spy agency. This was possible because one of their members was killed. The leader of the tryouts is Merlin played by Mark Strong.

Eggsy’s character is very interesting because he seems to be the opposite of what we are  used to with the gentleman spy, made famous by James Bond. He is an irresponsible adolescent with no manners. However, he is transformed by the guidance of Hart.

During the tryout with multiple other candidates, Eggsy gets to the final two. He does not pass the final test. But with his training, Eggsy and Merlin save the world from the villain, Valentine, played by Samuel L. Jackson.

The movie has many interesting gadgets, both original and ones that pay homage to original spy movies. The push shoe knife, made famous by James Bond, appears in the movie and is used by Eggsy to kill the women who killed his dad. They designed an umbrella that is bullet proof and a stun gun which was brilliant.

The director Matthew Vaughn, who previously directed “X-men First Class,” did an outstanding job. He built a movie thick with irony that never has a dull moment. Go to the movies and see how a poor boy saves the world from a vicious villain.

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