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Ruby Tuesday’s Gender Discrimination

Ruby Tuesday, a popular chain restaurant, is being sued for discrimination of men as only women were hired to work at the Park City, Utah location. The lawsuit claims Ruby Tuesday violated the Civil Rights act. The EEOC (United States Equal Employment Opportunity Committee) is suing on behalf of two men, Andrew Herrera and Joshua Bell.

Ruby Tuesday advertised for summer positions in Park City, Utah, offering to give free housing. According to, Ruby Tuesday only hired women to avoid the difficulties of co-ed living.
Ruby Tuesday made it explicit and clear they were favoring women over men for the hiring of the jobs. The result of this was some men being upset with Ruby Tuesday’s discrimination.

According to the civil rights act, gender discrimination can’t take place in choosing employees. The amount of money they are suing for is currently unspecified.

The EEOC believes that Ruby Tuesday should pay losses to Herrera and Bell. They also want Ruby Tuesday to stop gender discrimination in the future.

EEOC San Francisco attorney William R. Tamayo said, “It’s rare to see an explicit example of sex discrimination like Ruby Tuesday’s internal job announcement.” It is pretty clear discriminating against gender is wrong and unjust no matter the circumstance.

This case is out of the norm in terms of gender based discrimination lawsuits. Often, women tend to be on the wrong end of gender discrimination.

Not only do people believe this will help men, but people believe this law suit will benefit women as well in terms of discrimination. People believe this will allow for equal wages to take place in the work place.

People also believe this could possibly improve the work conditions in Ruby Tuesday as all will be treated as equals. Everyone will be held to the same standard, and Ruby Tuesday will be expected to treat each of their employees fairly no matter the age, race, or gender.

Many people are in favor of this lawsuit.

Gender discrimination is certainly not right or acceptable no matter which gender is being discriminated against. Hopefully, events such as this will raise awareness to the serious issue of gender discrimination. It will be interesting to see what comes out of this case as time passes.

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