Murderer of American Sniper, Chris Kyle, Found Guilty

Eddie Ray Routh was convicted and sentenced to life in prison without parole after jurors found him guilty on February 25th on the count of capitol murder.

Chris Kyle, the award winning author of his autobiography “The American Sniper,” and his friend Chad Littlefield, took Routh to the Rough Creek Lodge and Resort gun range on February 2, 2013, to help him cope with his post traumatic stress disorder. While at the gun range, Routh gunned down Chris Kyle and Chad Littlefield for reasons not concluded.

The defense pleaded that Corporal Routh, who served in the marines from June 2006 to January 2010, was insane and that he didn’t know what he was doing. They argued that he was mentally unstable at the time, experiencing delusions that Kyle and Littlefield were trying to kill him for reasons unknown.

Prosecutors argued back that Routh did in fact know what he was doing and his conditions were self-inflicted through marijuana and alcohol abuse.

After Routh murdered Kyle and Littlefield, he was seen driving Kyle’s pick-up truck, running errands, and buying food from Taco Bell. He then drove to his sister’s home where she contacted authorities after Routh told her what he did.

According to a CNN reporter in the court room, Rough showed no emotion when the jurors of Erath County, Texas, gave their sentence in less than two hours. Family members and friends of the victims reacted very differently from him.

Tonya Kyle, widow of Chris Kyle, wasn’t present in the courtroom after she angrily stormed out during the defense’s closing statement. Littlefield’s half brother told Rough that he “took the lives of two heroes, men who tried to friend you,” according to an article written by Ken Kalthoff and John L. Mone on nbcdfw.com

Director Trevor Cox of Fitco Cares, an organization that helps veterans cope with PTSD which Kyle also helped establish, said that Kyle was a humble man who wanted to keep serving his country by helping soldiers overcome their PTSD.

Chris Kyle was known as the most lethal sniper in American Military History. He has 160 confirmed kills during his time on Seal Team 3. His best selling autobiography, “American Sniper,” tells the story about his time overseas and the struggles he faced with PTSD.

Other articles used for information came from Fox News reporter Jennifer Girdon and Karen McVeigh from The Guardian online.

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