LeSean McCoy Moves from Eagles to Bills

It has been confirmed that Philadelphia all-star running back LeSean McCoy has been traded to the Buffalo Bills for linebacker Kiko Alonso.

Source reported McCoy has signed a five year contract with the Bills for $40 million with $26.5 million guaranteed and a $13 million signing bonus. Throughout the past six years in Philadelphia, and in head coach Chip Kelly’s offense, McCoy has been a large roll.

In his time with the Eagles, McCoy rushed for a total of 6,793 total yards on 1,461 attempts with a stunning 4.6 average yards per carry. He also totaled 44 touchdowns. McCoy is a three time pro bowler who is highly sought after.

According to Bleacher Report, McCoy is disheartened by this trade. He grew up in Pennsylvania, and all of his life, he has played football there; even in college, he played at the University of Pittsburgh. It’s going to be a rough transition from his Pennsylvania lifestyle, always around his family, to a new city lifestyle in a new place unknown to him.

McCoy was most likely traded to the Bills for salary cap reasons. With the addition of Kiko Alonso, the Eagles dropped veteran defensive end Trent Cole.

McCoy is a power running back who is capable of breaking away for a touchdown every play. He worked well with the quick offense of Chip Kelly, who likes to catch the slower defense or guard. Nobody is quite sure how McCoy will fit into the Buffalo offense, one that is based strongly on running.

Frank Gore spent the last 10 years with the San Francisco 49ers and was quite successful. His last four years have been 1,000 yard seasons; he may be old, but he is still capable of all star play. Gore is also a leader both on the field and in the locker room, which is exactly what the Philadelphia Eagles need now that they don’t have a driving force on the team currently.

Gore is a power running back, who is always reliable for any third and short, or to punch it in for a touchdown from inside the five yard line.

Update: The projected deal between Gore and the Eagles fell through; Gore accepted a deal with the Indianapolis Colts.

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