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Boys’ Latin Club Lacrosse: 2015 Preview

While the varsity lacrosse team starts their journey after a historic undefeated 2014 season, it’s time for another team to start theirs, too.

There’s another lacrosse team on West Lake Ave: a dream squad coached by none other than Mr. Mac McDonald.  The team has been booming in interest this year, and it looks like it’s going to be a very ‘competitive’ season.

The team is full of personalities, from senior spokesman Matt Manzoni all the way to Chase Lubke.  The clax team is compiled of mostly upperclassmen with very diverse lacrosse backgrounds, from juniors that didn’t try-out/make varsity to kids that have never picked up a stick before.

The team is deep, with a lot of players with past experience.

As for opponents, the MIAA club lacrosse conference is full of solid teams. The BL-SP clax game is always one for the books, with BL winning it last year.  Highlights of the game from 2013 can be seen in the video, courtesy of the Yaz himself.

Senior Chase Lubke, a past defenseman, told us he’d be taking his talents to the midfield.  Lubke looks forward to battling through his back pain to become one of MIAA Clax’s top scorers.  To help Lubke stay hydrated, the team will always have plenty of waters on the sideline.

Senior football players Tyler Jarman and Dimitri Lezcano highlight a defense consisting of no stick skills whatsoever but plenty of big hits.  Hopefully someone who can catch and throw steps up to play the third defensive position.

Goalies include varsity lacrosse manager, Charlie Iklé, and of course senior Stevenson commit, Tyler Steinberg, with a possible appearance from none other than the famous 6th grade all-star, Bo Dudley.

As far as the attack goes, the trio of Matt Manzoni, Will Martin, and Aundy Sam highlight a stacked unit that looks to score plenty of goals this season.

In the MIAA, there is a rule that prevents transfers repeating grades to play that following season.  Players are given four years of eligibility, and transfers usually sit out and practice with the team, but don’t get to suit for games.  The team always has at least one of those guys; in recent clax legends, Fairfield player and class of 2014 Riley Peters as well as Rob Gothier during his freshman year fit this mold.

This year, the clax team looks forward to having the addition of freshman attackman Syracuse commit Basil Aburn as well as sophomore midfield and Johns Hopkins commit Braden Atkinson. Aburn came to BL from McDonogh, and Atkinson from Calvert Hall.

Since they can’t play in games, they choose to take their talents to the clax squad.  They will totally be ready to kill competition in club lacrosse this spring.

There’s a rumor clax might be getting a grill for the sideline this year; this should make the games even more interesting.  McDonalds is very possible as well.

Not a ton of guys have stick skills, and it’s mostly violent hits and ground balls, but it’s a great time and a fun way to stay involved with lacrosse.

Come out and see the clax squad play St. Paul’s this year.

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