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Best New Show on Television

A new show on Fox has grabbed the world’s attention. On Sunday March 1st, 2015, Fox premiered a two hour pilot episode of “The Last Man On Earth” starring Will Forte.

Fox describes its new show: “In 2022, a cataclysm strikes Earth, seemingly wiping out the population save for former family man and bank employee Phil Miller. Sad and very lonely, Phil travels the United States, Canada, and Mexico in his RV searching for other survivors.

Striving to hold onto hope that there is at least one other living person out there, he tries to make the best of circumstances until his path finally crosses with that hoped-for other survivor — and all the more comforting if that person happens to be a woman.”

They new comedy is unlike any other that has been shown on television to date. “The Last Man On Earth” is appealing to all audiences, but it is primarily directed at an older demographic due to its use of satiric comedy.

Metacritic gave the new show a score of 72 out of 100, based on 30 reviews, indicating “generally favorable reviews.” Metacritic is a highly reputable online critic.

In “The Last Man On Earth,” Will Forte finds himself continually taking place in hilarious events and projects. These include bathing in a margarita bath tub, making a toilet out of a swimming pool, and building the world’s largest tower out of Jenga pieces.

Although the new television show comes of initially as a comedy, it has a much deeper meaning. The show makes its audience think about what the world would be like if the entire human population was annihilated by a deadly virus.

All in all, “The Last Man On Earth” is an excellent new television show that deserves to be watched. Excellent acting and an original plot make this show better than any other. If I was was to give the “The Last Man On Earth” a 1 out of 100 score, I would give it an 85.





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