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American-Israeli Controversy on Iran’s Nuclear Program

The Obama administration and Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, have not seen eye to eye on many issues, especially those regarding foreign policy. This fractured relationship may cause a rift between the United States and her greatest ally, Israel. Their most recent disagreement is Obama’s lifting of the sanctions on the Iranian government, specifically the restriction of production of nuclear power.

Barack Obama only has the power to lift some sanctions alone; however, in some cases, he needs congressional support as well as support from much of Europe and Russia. By lifting these sanctions, Iran would acquire more advanced centrifuges leading them closer and closer to a nuclear bomb. However, there are some limitations ordered by the United States and other world powers that Iran must follow first before restarting any nuclear power program.

According to an Economist article, “America and Iran: The best of bad options,” Iran’s number of centrifuges would be limited from about 9,500 to somewhere around 6000-7000. Many of their nuclear power producing machines would have to be limited so that they yield less uranium. The strict sanctions would be lifted after 10 years while others will be lifted in 20-30 years with a provisional oversight service monitoring their nuclear sites.

Netanyahu’s claim that this is a “bad deal” is nothing closer than the truth. Iran has proven that they are an irresponsible world power and have erratic leadership. It is Netanyahu’s responsibility to protect the interests of his nation and the Israeli people which is why he and Israel will stand alone in fighting Iran on this issue.

Unfortunately, in Netanyahu’s address, he offered no alternative regarding Iran’s nuclear infrastructure. The United States and the rest of the world should be wary about committing to this deal.

Do we, as a world population, trust Iran with the greatest power ever created in human history? Can we come up with a more comprehensive plan that everybody involved, including Israel, can get behind? The world community should not trust Iran with nuclear power if it will move them any closer to a nuclear bomb.

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