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Greene Turtle in Hunt Valley Makes Mouths Water

The Greene Turtle, located in Hunt Valley, is a gem amongst the surrounding restaurants. It stands atop Hunt Valley’s massive town centre with the prestigious turtle shining bright, drawing everyone in.

As you walk in, you will see prime outdoor seating, fit with four flat screen televisions displaying all of the day’s sporting events. When there is a huge local game (i.e. Ravens or Orioles), the outside is packed with people trying to see the next play.

Once inside, there are two quarter-fed games for the children as you wait to be seated. The wait is minimal and is usually always under 15 minutes on the normal days but can get very long on a huge game day.

The restaurant is fairly large and has a bar, a game room, a projector, and many tables for different sized groups of people. In fact, each booth has its own mini television installed within the wood. This is very convenient for those who want to choose what they watch andor have small children with them.

“The food is good,” said fellow junior Michael Chasney.

Most would agree with Michael as the food always comes out hot and looking good. Most students I asked said that they prefered the PB and J burger, an adaptation of the original peanut butter and jelly except there is a big wad of beef in between.

“The crab dip is to die for,” said junior David Modell as he offered many suggestions for what to get. “You can try their buffalo chicken sandwich too; it makes me tingle on the inside.”

Whenever juniors Jeremy Greenberg and Charlie Ikle’ go to the Greene Turtle, it is essesntial that they get the crab pretzel and the boneless wings. “We love it there. The atmosphere and food makes us want to stay forever.”

While there are many decsions to be made about the drinks, Charlie Ikle’ prefers water while Jeremy Greenberg loves his diet coke.

The only thing wrong with the Greene Turtle is the inconsistency of the service. The wait for your food after the order can be exteremly short or extremely long depending on the amount of people getting food at the time.

At the GT, you get a bang for your buck, with most meals being under $10.

So if you’re looking for a good time but do not want to blow your bank on one meal, go to the Greene Turtle Hunt Valley and experience good moods and good times.

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