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BL Lunches: Good or Bad?

Throughout the 2014-2015 school year, the topic of upper school lunches has been one that has been discussed often and continuously within the upper school. From students to teachers, the opinion is ever changing and varying. People often ask if the lunches are healthy enough, if there is enough variety, and if they are too expensive, making the subject recur weekly and even daily.

In a school filled with a lot of athletes, about 90%-95%, the topic of lunches is always one that sparks interest among students. When asked about his thoughts on the BL lunches, senior and varsity lacrosse player Charley Hughes stated, “I think the lunches are decent; they are a little expensive but they are definitely better than the ones from last year.” The topic on lunches also travels amongst teachers and constitutes varying opinions.

According to Andrew Robinson, college counselor and jv lacrosse coach, “My thoughts are that currently there is not a whole lot of variety in what we have to choose from on a day to day basis. I think also the freshness factor can be perhaps criticized, and I think sometimes the lunch can be a little perhaps overpriced.” The lacking areas of the lunches provide for criticism, but others think just the opposite.

When interviewing Jerry of Cristi Barry Cuisine, he stated, “I think that considering the facilities that we have to work with, I think they are probably as good if not the best that they could possibly be.”

He also spoke on the question of how healthy the lunches are and he stated, “Again, I think the variety is there. Anybody can get the type of food they are looking for. We have salads, sandwiches, fruit, and hot food.”

The question is, though, if the lunches provided are beneficial to a school that is extremely active all the way down from the teachers to the administration.

Mr. Robinson, when asked this question stated, “I think the quality of the food can impact anyone in their performance in any capacity, whether it’s athletics, academics, the faculty doing our jobs, eating unhealthy food is going to have detrimental effects on anybody whether it’s an athlete or not. So do I think the food is good for student athletes? It’s probably less than average for them, but again it’s probably not the best for the rest of us, either.”

Now while the current lunches at the BL Upper School are not as highly appreciated, the new student center across the street is looking to bring a new flavor and taste to the entire school as a whole. When asking history teacher and avid eater of lunch, Mac McDonald about the new complex, he stated, “Well I am excited for the new complex. I am even more excited to have a new food service provider that will hopefully provide a wider breadth of options for those of us who will be eating there.”

Even the athletic department is excited to see the finished product and what the complex has to offer. Coach Chris Kury stated, “I think the new student center/cafeteria is going to be fantastic. Based upon some of the information we have gotten from the new food service that is coming in, it should be able to provide a little bit more diversity in terms of food. Because they have more space, they can have a salad bar, they can probably do a pasta or sandwich station, but they are going to have a better facility in which to prepare meals for the kids.

When asked about what kind of lunches does he think will be brought to the new complex, Mr. McDonald also said, “I’m not really sure. I hope that they bring breakfast for lunch because you know I’m a big fan of breakfast.”

Charley Hughes also stated, “I am really excited for the new student center being built across the street and I am hopeful that they will bring more food options to the school with lunches that are a little less expensive.”

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