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Dangers of the Sounds We Love

Music is loved my billions of people across the world. From California to Mongolia, music is everywhere. Even though it makes some feel comfortable, loud music can be very harmful.

Out of the many things people enjoy doing, listening to music is very high on that list. It is all around us.

It allows people to enhance their mood, put them to sleep, or just simply pass time.

Sometimes, too much of anything can be harmful. Although this is cliché, this theory has definitely been proven as a fact when talking about music.

Throughout history, scientists have studied how different frequencies can cause hearing loss. The severity of the frequencies are different for each age group. Adults have a higher sound tolerance than toddlers, but the end result can very well be the same, according to an article published by WebMD.

A decibel is a unit of measure for sound. The lowest decibel someone can hear is 0. A person’s average level decibel while talking is 40 to 60 decibels, according to a blog posted on Medlineplus.com.

According to Medline Plus, the average decibel of a rock concert can be anywhere from 110 to 120 decibels. Headphones on max volume contain 110 decibels

Scientists have discovered that people can begin losing their hearing when the sound level is 85 decibels or higher according to an article by Tom Valeo posted on WebMd.

High frequencies of music are surely not the only reason for hearing loss. It can also be genetic. Studies have shown that anyone that has a family member that suffers from this disorder has a higher chance of following in the same path.

So although these relaxing melodies can be comforting to someone, one must remember to be cautious when listening to music.

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