Apple Sets a New Standard for Watches

Apple’s new watch came out March 9th, and the hype is real. Everybody is anxious to be able to own such an elegant and diverse watch.

The watch has already been previewed on the cover of Vogue China in October and later was on the cover of American Vogue with a multi-spread page in Self Magazine.

This watch has more technological advances than other watches. The battery life lasts up to 5 hours, a major improvement from the 2-4 hours it recently was.

It is also able to stay within 50 milliseconds of the global time standard. Most watches aren’t technologically advanced enough to stay up to par with the global time that fast.

The watch will also allow people to personalize it to their schedule. So if they a have meetings set up at different times of the day, the watch is able to make sure they are on track for the day. This can be very beneficial because some people aren’t good with being on time.

The watch is also able to keep track of a person’s heart rate. Not only does it keep the heartbeat, but is also able to see the number of beats per minute. That can be used when working out or running.

Other advantages to the watch will be streaming music, checking the weather, and a bar notifying the person when he has an alert. This is an advantage because people won’t have to pull their phone out of their pocket. Everything people need will be right on their wrists.

People are now able to send sketches, taps, or even a picture of their heart which is Apple’s new way to communicate with people in a fun way. Now the conversation will be able to be energetic not just sending out boring text messages.

The watch can also predict what it thinks the person will say before even typing, so the watch can basically do all the thinking. That way there will no worries of texting and driving.

People are also able to talk through the watch. No headphones are needed; the watch has built-in speakers. A call can be muted by just placing a hand over the watch.

The last thing the watch can do is read text messages. If the person starts reading something like a text or an email on the watch, it can be simply transferred over to the phone to finish. Nothing will be lost and the user won’t have to search for the message.

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