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World’s First T-Shirt Bakery Becoming More Popular

There is a bakery where people can get fresh shirts. That’s right, a bakery that instead of selling baked goods sells t-shirts. This bakery is called Johnny Cupcakes.

Johnny Cupcakes is a clothing brand that was started by entrepreneur Johnny Earle in Boston, Massachusetts.

Johnny Cupcakes originally started off as a shirt that Earle designed for his hardcore metal band. The band wanted a shirt with their logo on it so they could wear it for their shows.

So while Johnny was ordering the band shirts, he thought it would be funny if he got a shirt that represented his nickname, which is Johnny Cupcakes.  The original design he used was a cupcake with crossbones underneath it as seen below:

People liked the shirt and wanted one, so Johnny decided to order more. At first Johnny was selling his shirts out of the back of his ‘89 Toyota Camry, and then once his band went on tour, he started selling the shirts out of a suitcase.

The shirts started to gain popularity fast. The next thing he knew, Earle’s entire house was filled with orders. It turned into a family business; he had his relatives help him fill orders because there were so many of them.

Once Johnny had enough money, he decided to open up his first retail store. Johnny and his dad decided to stick to the theme of a cupcake when they created the store. They decided to make the store look like a bakery.

They didn’t make it look like a normal bakery; they made it look like an old-fashioned one. He displayed t-shirts in vintage, industrial refrigerators and on baking racks, and even made the store smell like frosting. Even when someone purchases a t-shirt, it is packaged in a signature pastry box.

Johnny Cupcakes has grown a lot since it first started; there are six bakeries, and the store locations range from Boston to Martha’s Vineyard, Los Angeles, and even London. His brand has even been featured in FORBES, NPR, BusinessWeek, INC Magazine, Wall Street Journal, WIRED, New York Times, The Boston Globe, Los Angeles Times, and seen on MTV, Bloomberg TV, MAKER, Attack Of The ShowThe Food Network, WWD.

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